Aphorisms About Meditation

Due to the ineffable processes of resonance unleashed in our inner universe by a daily yogic meditation, a great beneficent energy accumulates in us, generating in ourselves a pure, sublime state.

ASANA or body posture in YOGA

An asana is a static posture that eases the subconscious mental and physical schemes’ relaxation. Such schemes trouble and even block the person’s free movement and creativity. Unconscious and restrictive, they often develop as answers to accidents, diseases, shocks, emotional traumas due to daily life stress, worries, responsibilities, unsatisfaction and sadness.

Ayurveda – the science and art of healing

Ayurveda is simple because it uses general principles, synthesized as a result of a long, direct practice. The simplicity of Ayurveda is due to the fact that this science has reached the essence and for this reason it cannot be considered as being superficial or reduced.

Combining Karma Yoga with other forms of Yoga

The practice of the Karma yoga system can be combined with the practice of other forms of yoga, especially Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga,Raja yoga, Laya Yoga. This is one of the main themes of Kåñna‘s teachings exposed in Bhagavad Gita.

Complete freedom through Karma Yoga

Every authentic Spiritual path, every religion, every important philosophical system are all expressing in specific forms the fundamental effort of the human being towards Liberation. Consciously or unconsciously, everything in this Universe evolves faster or slower towards the same essential goal.

Consecration – offering the fruits of our actions to God

It is an essential thing, and we should not forget to offer the fruits to God; so we will be able to feel this divine state. After the consecration, we will feel that God Himself manifests through us, and in that way, we can feel his inspiration, grace, power, and we will be freed from ...

Essential Elements Regarding MAHASHIVARATRI, the Great Festival of Shiva

The night of Mahashivaratri is the night before the day of the New Moon in February – March (according to the Indian astrological system – the lunar month, PHALGUNA). The yogis welcome this grandiose celebration as an exceptional spiritual opportunity.

Inspiring thoughts regarding the Spiritual Guide – aspirant relationship

The essence of the relationship between the Spiritual Guide and the aspirant can never be known only from the outside, because in fact it can never be an object of knowledge for those who are not ready to identify with that ineffable, mysterious state experienced by an aspirant on the Spiritual path.

Integral Yoga

The Integral Yoga is an intelligent combination of various traditional methods used for the harmonious development of one’s entire being in all its aspects: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual. The Integral Yoga is a scientific system that combines different types of yoga in order to fulfill one’s potential in the widest sense.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda represents a complex system of natural healing that originated in India. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda means ”The science of life”

Karma Yoga – The Yoga of daily life

Karma yoga represents one of the four main classic forms of Yoga.Karma Yoga represents a starting point and is an essential part of the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, this serves as sufficient ground for its authenticity.

Karma Yoga and the sense of responsibility

It is necessary to act completely detached, with all the energy then offered by the Divine, but it is equally necessary sometimes to not act at all” (Practical Integral Yoga).

Kundalini – the fundamental energy

Kundalini is the energy that exists in a latent state in man at the base of the spinal column. When this force is “awakened”, it springs upwards (or downwards if the person is practising the headstand position ”Shirshasana”).

Let God have the first place in your life!

You must always give God the first place, no matter what you do that is important. If you don’t give God the fundamental place in your life, you therefore miss the chance to ceaselessly feel him there, which implies you cannot relish his omnipresence.

Mauna – a source of silence and energy

God, The Father, or Brahman is primarily The Supreme Silence. The soul in its depth is Silence. The peace of the mind is Silence. Atman (The Supreme Self) is Silence.

Practical modalities of the Ayurvedic system

Ayurveda is a very practical system to protect and restore health. Its methods are accessible and easy to apply and also inexpensive. Ayurveda also contains objective knowledge that only direct experience can reveal.

Some thoughts about humility and its price in the spiritual practice

The purifying fire of self-sacrifice of humility will consume the flaws of the confined being, and then will make the divine Spark inside man (ATMAN) shine freely inside of it. Man will therefore extend from Finite to Infinite, from potential to acting, from striving to fulfillment.

Tantra Yoga – a global and profound vision of reality

The eternal present is there. As soon as we’ll have (by constantly implementing these ideas) the first ecstatic states we’ll be amazed to realize that reaching the illumination doesn’t necessarily require engaging ourselves in huge and spectacular actions.

The 24 Hour Prayer

Sanskrit Scriptures clearly state that if we speak to God for one day and one night without interruption, He will answer us. More precisely, we will truly be able to understand His answers, because of the accelerated elevation of our instruments of perception.


The Art of Blessing

The Art of Blessing allows the Supreme Energy, which is beyond existence and non-existence, to flow over the person. It derives from the Almighty sphere of the Eternal Divine Spirit of God The Father.