From 07/06/2019 - 16/06/2019

Continuing the tradition of the Mahavidya Retreats initiated and supported by our Spiritual Guide, this year we invite you to the spiritual celebration of the Great Cosmic Power Bagalamukhi, activity coordinated by Advaita and Adina Stoian.

Activities during the retreat:

premiere conferences, exceptional exemplifications, hatha yoga techniques performed in a tantric manner, specific tantric exercises of transfiguration and identification with Her essential aspects, as well as a special initiation in Bagalamukhi’s giant sphere of force.

The Great Cosmic Power Bagalamukhi represents the fascinating radiation springing from the Godly Logos. She dissolves, through a total stillness, everything that is an illusory manifestation. By Her grace we are being granted the “weapon” of true spiritual knowledge, the power to defeat the forces hostile to our progress and spiritual evolution. In the tantric tradition, Bagalamukhi is considered to be the symbol of the entire yoga process, which leads us towards calming the mind and supramental quietude, by stopping the mental flow. She represents the central point in which we can identify with the mysterious silence and the ecstatic stillness of our essential nature, the supreme immortal Self Atman. Bagalamukhi manifests the spiritual power to transform any aspect or action into their opposite. By manifesting Herself through the hiatus point between two states or contrary conditions, She offers the possibility of successfully transcending the dual aspects in order to ecstatically reabsorb ourselves in the oceanic silence of the Creative Beatific Void.  


All students who have initiation in Maha Vidya (minimum second year of yoga/tantra course) and over the age of 18 can enrol in this retreat. The registration can be done in two periods, during the Herculane camp (contacting us as posted below in the announcement) or directly in Brașov.

Participation fee

110 euros if you sign up during Herculane camp, or 125 euros directly in the Bagalamukhi retreat in Brașov. 


The retreat will take place in Braşov, within the Lux Divina events centre. The hosts offer us the possibility to enjoy accommodation and meals within the complex.


e-mail: / Tel: +40 736 432 433 (Axelina)


e-mail: / Tel: +40 729 388 219 (Anca)

We await you with aspiration and love at this spiritual celebration!

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