From 09/07/2018 - 15/07/2018 in Costinesti

We kindly invite you for the exceptional international camp for women, which is unique in the world, “Shakti in a new ecstasy” – YONI CHAKRA (THE CHAKRA OF ORGASM), part 3, which will take place in Costinesti on the 12 of July – 15 th of July, 2018The 3rd part of  the YONI CHAKRA CAMP contains initiatic elements regarding the topic of multiple orgasm and its mechanisms, and also about the secrets of sexual fluids and revelations about the secret correspondence between the organic energy and orgasm. Also, a new secret tantric technique will be presented!

Only those women who received the initiation in the mantra of the secondary subtle center of force YONI CHAKRA can participate in this camp, respectively those who participated in the previous YONI CHAKRA camp part 1 and 2.

ATTENTION! Those who do not have the initiation in the Yoni Chakra and would like to participate in this camp, can receive the initiation in the mantra of the YONI CHAKRA 1 and 2 which will take place in Costinesti in the period of 9  – 12  July.

The program of the YONI CHAKRA camp, part 1 and 2, will contain SPECIAL CONFERENCES SUSTAINED BY OUR SPIRITUAL GUIDE, initiation in the mantra for the dynamization of the secret center of force YONI CHAKRA, an initiation in the special method with the mantra of the YONI CHAKRA for deepening the dynamization of the secondary subtle center of force YONI CHAKRA – chakra of orgasm, which is a very valuable technique for the communion and identification with MAHASHAKTI, conferences and revelations of women who awakened to some extent the state of SHAKTI, spiritual exemplifications sustained in a subtle and telepathic way by our spiritual guide, techniques for awakening femininity and the orgasmic capacity of women, unique moments of euforic dance, special games and delicious surprises.

Camp Fees

  • For the period 25th of May – 1st of June: YONI CHAKRA 3: 110 euro, YONI CHAKRA 1,2 and 3: 180 euro
  • For the period 1st of June – 11th of June: YONI CHAKRA 3: 120 euro, YONI CHAKRA 1,2 and 3: 210 euro
  • For the period 11 of June – 17th of June: YONI CHAKRA 3: 130 euro, YONI CHAKRA 1, 2 and 3: 230 euro

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