The ATMAN Federation celebrates the new Teachers

In the last weekend of November 2017, the new teachers of the Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women classes of 2017 met once more in the grandiose place that already hosted them during their training modules, Valhalla Hall in Paradise Retreat Center. It was one of the biggest events in the history of the ATMAN Federation. Never before had so many new graduates met on one occasion for a magnificent graduation ceremony. Aspirants from 25 countries – amongst others Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Uruguay and the United States – successfully passed the exams of the ATMAN Teacher Training Courses for Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women. The graduates crowned their long and ardent efforts to become teachers of the national schools hosted by the ATMAN Federation, in order to share and spread genuine spiritual knowledge and transmit the pathways of profound inner transformation.


Atman Grand Graduation Reportage


The Grand Graduation Ceremony was broadcast live online on MISA TV and embraced by a wonderful and sublime artistic show with dance and music, featuring also the musical group Devas from Brasov. The best projects were awarded with certificates and special gifts. All graduates received their teacher diploma and gifts from the hands of their tutors. Later on, they received their spiritual investiture, a deeply significant and essential step on the path of becoming a teacher, a solemn and touching moment for all participants.


Atman Grand Graduation in Images


To become a teacher in the ATMAN Federation is not an easy goal to achieve. The ATMAN Teacher Training Courses, coordinated and organized by Advaita and Adina Stoian, Catalin Balilescu and Adriana Isvoranu, last two years for Yoga and Tantra for Women, and even four years for the Tantra Course. The Yoga Teacher Training Course can be started only after being a Yoga student for at least three years. The Tantra students can start the Tantra Teacher Training Course already after the the first year, since until its end the aspirant will also have reached the necessary fifth year as a student.

The Tantra for Women Training Course opened up its gates this year for every woman who feels inspired to awaken her femininity. It is not required anymore to become a teacher, but the interested ones can decide in the end to participate to the final exam, to receive the right to pass on as certified coordinators the treasures they learned.

The exams include not only tests of knowledge and practical abilities in the correct execution of the body postures and various yogic and tantric methods, but also a written project on specific selected topics. One needs true aspiration, willpower, and perseverance to accomplish such a journey and to bring the invested effort to the fruitful end. The ATMAN Teacher Trainings are in-depth and profound programs that require from all the aspirants a true wish for transformation, thus a genuine spiritual teacher is in the same time a raw model of the knowledge he/she teaches.


Photo Gallery by Darya Harnitskaya

Now, these new teachers are ready to start teaching in many countries all over the world. Yet, as glorious as it has been, passing the exam and celebrating a wonderful graduation are not the end, but the beginning of the spiritual journey of continuous transformation that defines a true teacher. Being a teacher of spiritual knowledge will always bring unexpected challenges, amazing understandings, indescribable revelations, and ever-new experiences.

The graduates have proven the exemplary state of spiritual aspirants who are willing to take this opportunity. New students full of aspiration had started their path, and we gladly invite all those who are interested and wish to become teachers, to join the ATMAN Teacher Training Courses that recently started.


Photo Gallery by Jens Dige

Our special thanks go to the team of MISA TV for their spontaneous and amazing work, to Devas for delighting us once more with celestial vibes, to everyone who helped organizing this amazing event, and to all the graduates who through their devotion and effort made the big step into passing on these great teachings. Congratulations to all of you.


— What we teach or give to others, we also teach or give to ourselves —


Dear colleagues,

Because of some personal mistakes that I actually do consider serious, the complete presentation of the material about the Law of Occult Offering was only partially accomplished during the special graduation ceremony of the 2017 classes of Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women Teacher Training.

This situation means that after this important ceremony, the 2017 graduates still miss some fundamental elements from our spiritual guide. All these are basic elements of our activities as teachers and coordinators.

For this I deeply apologise to each and every one of you. In order to correct these mistakes as well as possible, we announce you that everything that was omitted in the graduation will be presented in the following way:

On the weekend of 9th till 11th of March 2018, in the Maha Yoga Centre in Berlin, where the next Atman International Teachers’ Meeting will take place, there will be two specially dedicated sessions for presenting the remaining material. These presentations will be available both locally in the hall in Berlin, as well as online broadcast through the platform of the Atman Online Yoga Academy to all schools of the Atman Federation for all teachers with valid diplomas.

Additionally, we will offer a re-screening of the 3 parts of the ‘Law of Occult Offering’ that were already presented in the Grand Graduation in Paradise Retreat Centre, Denmark, in November 2017. These will also be screened locally in Berlin as well as broadcast in the same frame as above.

Supplementary to these screenings, we will offer as a gift to all graduates of 2017 the recordings of the complete presentation of the Law of Occult Offering in the Herculane or Costinesti Yoga Holiday.

With humbleness,
Your spiritual brother Advaita

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