Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course

with Adriana Isvoranu and Adina Stoian

We warmly welcome you to the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course. This course is a delightful two-years journey into discovering and learning about femininity and its spiritual development, while getting the know-how in coordinating groups of women (Shakti groups) and teaching the Tantra for Women Course accredited by Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation. This training is a unique opportunity to discover, share and celebrate feminine secrets from many traditions (Yoga, Tantra, Daoism, Ayurveda, Astrology, etc.) that will unfold into a beautiful sisterhood atmosphere especially created to make possible inner transformations in the beings of all the participants.

Structure of the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course

This spiritual adventure of two years consists in four stages: 3 Modules of 9 days and one long weekend in the end of the training that includes the final exam and delivery of the projects. Each module is an effervescent Shakti Retreat with a rich variety of activities full of femininity and pulsating life. There will be interesting lectures, yoga practice dedicated to amplify femininity, tantric rituals, meditations, diverse workshops, artistic performances, group techniques and sharing in a delicate and cosy atmosphere. There will be space to relax, eat, enjoy and laugh together; space to create trust, sisterhood, connections; space to dance, perform and express the unique and genuine manifestations of Shakti as shared together by all the women participating.

Who can attend the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course?

Any woman from the second or higher year of the Yoga or Tantra course in one of the member schools of the ATMAN Federation is welcome to take part in this course, if they wish to open Shakti groups and teach Tantra for Women Courses in the Yoga schools they are coming from. Also, this training is open to all female Yoga or Tantra students who want to awaken and improve their own Shakti state with the help an intense training for their personal evolution, even if they do not intend to become Shakti group coordinators.
If the course is followed for personal interest, the participant doesn’t need to undergo exam and project delivery, and also is not receiving a teacher diploma.

Location of the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course

This course will take place in the very heart of the Danish countryside, in the renewed venue of Paradise Retreat Center.

Program of the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course

  • Techniques and methods for awakening femininity on all levels :
    • femininity on the physical level – courses about beauty, health, diet, physical harmonization, Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and the awakening of the feminine potential, massage, dance, natural cosmetics, communion with nature…
    • femininity on the energetic level – eliminating stress, re-gaining vitality, rejuvenation, regeneration,
    • femininity on the emotional level – blossoming all the soul qualities of a wonderful woman: happiness, kindness, goodness, tenderness, refinement, grace, delicacy, compassion, nurturing attitude, endless love and also will power, self confidence, discipline, determination…
    • femininity on the mental level – intelligence, sense of humor, goodwill, mental power, focus, attention, memory, capacity to analyze and synthesize, discrimination, lucidity, intuition…
    • femininity on the spiritual level – aspiration, faith, sense of mystery, capacity to transform the others, magic power…
  • Tantric secrets about sacred eroticism: sensuality, learning about the mysteries of feminine sexuality, awakening the orgasmic capacity, controlling the sexual energy for an amazing erotic life, etc.
  • Spiritual perspective about couple relationships
  • Spiritual perspective about the mystery of menstruation and techniques to deal with the unpleasant effects of it (PMS, dysmenorrhea, cramps, etc)
  • Tantric Initiation in Maha Vidya – the Great Knowledge of the Universal Powers that structure the Universe and rituals of communion with their gigantic sphere of force
  • Notions about esoteric astrology and the archetypes of the feminine soul
  • Special Asanas for improving femininity and charm
  • How to spiritualize your entire life through the knowledge of Tantra so that you existence will be a successful, wonderful example
  • So much more…

How to sign up?

For more information about prices of the course, accommodation etc. and to register to this course please send an email to tantraforwomen@atmanyogafederation.org.

With love and aspiration,
Adriana Isvoranu and Adina Stoian
Coordinators of the Tantra for Women Teacher Training Course