From 13/06/2017 - 19/06/2017

in MahasiddhaYoga Chiang Mai, Thailand

Join us for seven days away from traffic and city lights, in the beautiful Amaravati Ashram Resort. We will enjoy an exciting and initiating tantric mystical retreat together, awakening body, mind and soul, exploring the nature of attraction in the universe and between men and women.

This spiritual retreat is an invitation to rise and explore a higher degree of openness in the heart and a new level of consciousness. The frame of the retreat, away from the day-to-day life, immersed in spiritual teachings and practice, offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into yourself, your spirit and your heart. Each event is potentially a life-changing experience. The schedule and curriculum is customized for maximum results and offers the student a chance to attain rapid growth, training and expansion.


During the first 3 days of the yoga retreat, men and women will be separated from each other, exploring the nature of the feminine and masculine. This time apart helps to amplify the spiritual femininity and spiritual masculinity. Each day will include several meditations of different lengths, some in silence and others with music. We will have an extended morning yoga practice, a variety of lectures and workshop exercises. There will be no sexual contact in the guided, group activities. There will be many exercises to help us connect from heart to heart, and to meet from a place that is deeper then the superficial personality. In the evenings we will have a delicious vegetarian dinner together and then conclude the day with special evening activities.

We will study and practice:

– Tantra Yoga and its principles
– the law of polarity and mystery of attraction between universal masculine and feminine
– the divine feminine mysteries and the spiritual power of being a woman
– the universal masculine and the spiritual force of being a man
– laws of attraction between men and women
– walking the path as a man, walking the path as a woman, walking the path as a couple
– polarity of the soul: secrets of couple relationship
– tantric sexuality- we will teach how to cultivate divine and mystical sexuality according to Tantra, giving very practical tools. As mentioned there will be no guided sexual activities, and no sexual exposure.
– the art and stages of meditation
– the art of concentration and focus
– Hatha yoga
– Deep meditation
– identification and Connection from heart to heart, soul to soul.
– spiritual texts of tantra, yoga and spiritual wisdom

We will enjoy lectures on mystical tantrism, interactive workshop activities, movies, a relaxing time in nature, a swim in the pool and an inspired time with wonderful people in a peaceful, warm and loving environment – a perfect place to regenerate and nourish your innermost being.


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