From 18/10/2017 - 25/10/2017

in Costinesti

The Kalachakra Camp is a special retreat for our Yoga students in year 9 and higher. It will take place at the beautiful seaside of Costinesti, including the following subjects:

  • Theoretical and practical approach to the path of Boddhisattva
  • Profound communion with 7 of the 84 legendary Mahasiddhas
  • Transfigurative approach towards the seven aspects of the Divine Mother TARA
  • Method of subtle projection into the Divine land of Shambala 
  • Initiatic elements about the Bardo of death
  • And special intitiations…

If you are interested and fulfill the requirement of being a student in one of the ATMAN schools in Yoga year 9 or higher, you can contact us by mail for further information.

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