From 17/04/2019 - 22/04/2019

in Maha Yoga Zentrum Berlin, Germany

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caitanyam ātmā (the absolute godly consciousness is the self-essence) – Śiva sūtra, 1.1.

Unanimously considered by scholars to be the most elevated, refined, purest form of Tantra, the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism offers both a particularly complex metaphysics and some of the most direct, fast, complete and extraordinary methods of spiritual accomplishment. The theoretical and practical framework of this spiritual retreat – an entirely unique framework by its mostly supramental and extraordinarliy efficient approach of the Kashmir Shaivism tradition – will give all participants the possibility of stepping into a higher level of consciousness, as well as accessing authentic states of spiritual enlightenment.

In this spiritual retreat there will be numerous (and unprecedented) exemplifications, impulses and important spiritual initiations from the Kashmir Shaivism tradition, such as:

  • A fundamental esoteric method of achieving a full state of occult resonance with the „formidable power of the yoni“ – essential universal power that is in reality the complementary aspect of Shiva-lingam’s formidable power
  • The initiation into the secret mantra of Kama Shakti
  • Initiation in some fundamental hypostases of Shiva, as well as in certain secret spiritual practises that integrate their sublime specific energy
  • Essential revelations about the liberating Grace of Shiva (Shaktipata)
  • Esoteric methods of fast spiritual awakening
  • Also, the traditional spiritual ceremony for activating the formidable power of Shiva-lingam (the essential godly creative power) will be repeated!
  • The esoteric revelations about the formidable power of the lingam and the formidable, complementary power of the yoni, are the foundation of the tantric tradition and the energy base of some of the most important and most effective spiritual initiations.


This Camp is available for everyone. If you haven´t been either to the retreat in Herculane 2018 nor the one in Berlin 2018 you need to recuperate the theory corresponding to the Spiritual Ceremony which will take place again during the retreat (fee: 30,- €). Please arrive if possible one day before because the lecture starts approx. at 10 am.

About the teacher:

Adinathananda (Nicolae Catrina) is the founder of the only Kashmir Shaivism course in Europe and also a yoga professor with more than 30 years of experience. The course was born more than 20 years ago and offers, in a unique way, adapted to the western mindframe, to thousands of students from Romania and other countries around the world, the richness and depth of this spiritual tradition. His profound interest in various forms of authentic spirituality and his spiritual intuition helped him to create several other courses, among which Tantric Alchemy, Enneagram, Esoteric I Ching, so on. He also founded a unique system for revealing the Divine Self, Atman, based on a supramental yet very accessible approach, which helped and inspired thousands of students reach their spiritual essence. He is the author of several books on Shaivism, Yoga, Tantra, spiritual art, etc. As a sanskritologist, he has done translations of important yogic and tantric texts, like Saundaryalahari, Shiva Samhita or Gheranda Samhita. For his Shaivism students, he offers the translation and the esoteric practical knowledge of many traditional texts, including Shiva Sutras, Spanda Karikas and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.


  • Early Bird: 130€ (until 28.02.2019)
  • Normal: 180€
  • Members: 150€
  • Special reduction: 120 €*
  • Participants of the Herculane Kashmir Shaivism Retreat 2018: 50 €

*special reduction is given to students of ATMAN member organizations of the following countries: Czech Republic and Slovakia, all former Jugo Countries, Romania, Moldova, Russia


  • Breakfast: 4 €
  • Lunch: 7 €
  • Dinner: 7 €

Food will be provided in the time from Wednesday the 17th April to Monday 22nd April. Please notice that you will receive an registration formular for food and further information (such as directions, recuperation schedule) from Emeric  after you signed up for the camp. 


  • Dormitory/ Yoga Hall:  5 € per night
  • Shared Room (limited amount of places available:  10€ per night

Please notice that you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and towel if you stay in the dormitory.  In case you stay in a room please bring your own towel.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and refund until 18th of March: complete refund.
Cancellation and refund until two or more weeks before the event: 50 € cancellation fee.
Cancellation and refund less than two weeks before the event: refund of 50 %.

Bank Information

Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V.
IBAN: DE67 4306 0967 8202 1357 00
GLS Bank

Registration via email to The registration is only complete when the payment is completed.


During this spiritual retreat, the 4th module of the next Kashmir Shaivist Teachers Training Course will take place. The recuperation of the 3rd module will begin on the 17th of April, 9 am.

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