From 15/06/2018 - 23/06/2018

in Conference Centre Lux Divina

With great spiritual joy and love we invite you to participate in the celebration of the Great Cosmic Powers in the Special Maha Vidya Activity (these activities have been ongoing for the past 9 years). This year the camp will include an in-depth Introduction to Mahavidya Yoga and the celebration of the communion with The Great Cosmic Power of Ineffable Vacuity Dhumavati. This is an extraordinary chance for all those who want to take a significant leap in their spiritual transformation (whether they are beginners or advanced Tantra / Yoga students).  Under the guidance of our Spiritual Guide, we will study the mysteries of the energy of the Spiritual Courage and perform tantric techniques for facilitating a fast evolution.

The program of this retreat for the deepening of the communion with Maha Vidya DHUMAVATI will include:

  • unique exemplifications practiced in unison with our spiritual guide – for awakening certain nuances of the energy of the Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati,
  • presentations of the tantric tradition of the Great Cosmic Powers and tantric principles
  • the presentation of certain secret practical aspects that facilitate the occult resonance with the Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati
  • specific tantric exercises of transfiguration and meditation, integrated in the gigantic sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati
  • Hatha Yoga practice in unison, integrated in a Tantric manner
  • sharing our personal experiences of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati

As a wonderful gift, there will also be a special initiation integrated within the sphere of force of Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati.

Please note: the only translation provided in the camp will be in English Language!

Conditions for participation

For conditions of participation, please contact Razvan Niculescu:
Telephone: +40 723 285 286

Additional information about accommodation

The organizers of this event – The Conference Centre ‘LUX DIVINA’ from Brasov – offer accommodation. The number of places is limited, so we kindly ask you to send an email to or call to +40.720.395.389  in order to receive further information about accommodation. It is also possible to arrange your own accommodation at the nearby hostels and hotels in Brașov. Lux Divina’ Conference Center will provide vegetarian meals cooked in their own restaurant – based on your submission form and explicit request sent to the email address mentioned above.

We await you in Brasov with love and aspiration to share together the mysteries of the Great Cosmic Powers!

Coordinators of the Maha Vidya Retreats,
Advaita and Adina Stoian, Natha Yogacenter Denmark

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