From 20/07/2019

in Paradise Retreat Center, Denmark


Spiritual Artistic Show and Celebration of femininity.

20th July 2019, from 16.00 until late night/early morning

Miss Shakti is a playful contest for women, this deeply spiritual show is celebrating femininity with exuberant joy, laughter, beauty, happiness and love. It is delightful to feel the pure Shakti energy in action. Women who participate in this contest often report a great leap towards awakening the state of Shakti. For women, this is a unique opportunity to explore their femininity, creativity and spontaneity. Previous participants describe the experience as an unforgettable journey supported by a heartfelt field of sisterhood, not being at all a competition, but a celebration where everyone is enriched! The Miss Shakti Contest can even transform the audience, deepening their vision of femininity and the feminine energy.


A team of women teachers from Natha Yogacenter will, together with a small artistic team, help, inspire and guide you through this experience of discovering and unfolding your inner unique beauty.

Through their experiences of keeping Shakti groups, workshops and artistic performances they will make a supportive and creative environment in which you can discover and unfold your inner Goddess and express her during the show.

Join us in this truly transforming and beautiful experience, discovering yourself within a loving sisterhood. Together we will unfold our unique feminine qualities through spontaneity, creativity, dance, mental exercises and games. No special skills are required – only the heartfelt wish to explore your own unique beauty and sharing it with the world.


Price: 150 kr / 385 kr including food and accommodation. Miss Shakti is a community event and only for students in Natha, members of our community and special friends.


Participation in Miss Shakti:
You can take part in the Miss Shakti both as a participant of the Dhumavati retreat or joining us in Paradise Retreat Center in the days before the event for the intense preparations and rehearsals that will start from noon on the 17th of July.
Prices: Free for participants in the Dhumavati Retreat.
All other participants for Miss Shakti pay 235 kr per day for food and accommodation.
Last sign up: 15th of July. To sign up or for more information:

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About the nature of Shakti in Tantra
“Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels. Women are heaven; women are Dharma, and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha, and women are the perfection of Wisdom.” Yoni Tantra
“Shakti is the essence of Bliss” Devi Purana

In tantra, the entire creation is seen as the eternal lovemaking between the Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine principles, the consciousness and the energy. Shakti means in Sanskrit feminine power, the force of nature, energy. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Deity, unifying the femininity and maternity through her manifestation as the force of Nature.

The divine feminine force, Shakti, manifests the infinite diversity of the cosmic creation. Shakti IS, in fact, the entire manifestation, from the grossest to the most subtle, she is the life force which unites and sustains everything. Shakti is the radiant Heart of Shiva, the power of all creation manifested within every woman.

Fully awakening as a woman means to recognize the inherent perfection of your feminine nature, to become aware of your essential nature as pure bliss and to remove all the ego masks and blockages which prevent your inner heart from shining. Freedom from fears and limitations characterizes an awakened woman, a woman who is confident in her qualities, playful and spontaneous is a ceaseless inspiration to those around her.

An abundant erotic power reveals her profound connection with the creative energies of life and her intrinsic wisdom and intuitive intelligence guide her on the path of continuous transformation.

Inspired by Natha’s Tantra Course

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