From 01/08/2020 - 02/09/2020

Given the current situation in Romania, the camp this summer will take place online, between August 1 and September 2. Under these circumstances, the camp programme has undergone some changes and has been adapted so as to allow online participation in as many activities as possible.

Among the activities that will be included in the programme of this year’s summer camp we can mention at this time:

  • Every day, four spiritual exemplifications of communion with different Godly Attributes
  • Archive lectures by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, including the replay of lectures heard for the first time in the online spring camp 2020
  • Premiere lectures by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
  • Meditations of induction of the state of spiritual liberation by godly miracle performed at a distance
  • Exemplifications of the Godly Attribute of Pure Godly Eros, with video support
  • Hatha Yoga practice program in unison
  • Special meditation in 14 stages of Revelation of the Supreme Immortal Self Atman
  • Special presentations with video support, in replay or for the first time, from the Yantra Yoga series
  • Special thematic meditations with the support of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
  • Additional lectures given within the Charismatic Theophanic Movement by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, which does not require the stamping of the card
  • Artistic moments
  • Artistic and documentary films

Dates for the main events in the Online International Summer Yogi Camp

The main events of the Online International Yogi Camp are scheduled according to the following programme:
• Spirals:
– 2 August (The Soul of the Romanian nation)
– 5 August (Spiral with induction 1)
– 7 August (Spiral with induction 2)
– 9 August (Spiral with induction 3)
– 11 August (Spiral with induction 4)
– 14 August (Spiral with induction 5)
– 17 August (Yin spiral)
– 18 August (Spiral with induction 6)
– 19 August (Yang spiral)
– 25 August (spiral with the Souls of the nations)
– 27 August (Hiatus spiral)
– 31 August (spiral with induction 7)

• Exemplifications with the Godly Pure Eros: 13, 15, 20, 22, 25, 29 and 31 August
• Exemplifications with the translation in time: 12, 16, 24, 28 August and 1 September
• Special conferences: Men Conference – 17 August, Women Conference – 19 August, Conference for men and women – 23 August
• Contest for subtle perceptions (with consistent prizes): 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 August

We mention that the detailed programme will be available only for an interval of three days (namely for the current day and for the following two days) only on the website for the camp.

New lectures in the Online International Yogi Camp (online Summer Camp)

Within the Online International Yogi Camp 2020, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru has prepared a series of new lectures, either in continuation of some presentations started in the previous years, or on completely new themes. From the programme:

– The revealed mysteries of erotic amorous continence
– Esoteric aspects regarding intuiting, feeling and awareness of the enigmatic subtle energy of space
– Esoteric aspects regarding the pure erotic energy. The revealed secrets, as well as the multiple mysteries of the pure erotic energy.
– About the complex symbolism of space
– Amazing revelations about a great genius, Nikola Tesla, who made important discoveries even in the domain of health
– Important esoteric aspects which, when attentively and intelligently applied, facilitate the surpassing of spiritual tests and allow the deepening of the states of happiness in the couple erotic amorous relationship

More details will follow.

Info and Registration Details

The online Yogi Spiritual Summer Camp is available for all students of member schools of the Atman Federation. For events available also to non-students, please refer to

Similar as the Spring Camp, the Summer Camp will be held in Romanian and translations will be provided. English translation will be provided by default and other languages (Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese) will be added as soon as there are minimum 10 participants of the respective language.

The registration for this camp that will also take place online according to the steps described below (similar as for the online Spring Camp). This process is valid for all students of Atman member schools registered outside of Romania (incl. Romanians living abroad), who want to participate to this Yogi Spiritual Summer Camp.

Students registered in the Romanian Esoteric yoga school (MISA) or in Moldova, please refer to the announcements on for the sign-up process.

Please allow a minimum of 24h to process your registration. So please sign up in good time to avoid missing any part of the programme.

Participation fee and special passes

The participation fee for the full period is 575 Euro.

Due to some economic conditions, students from certain countries will be eligible for reductions, which are the same as in the last years when the camp took place in Costinesti, Romania. Please refer to your country’s school administration for details.

As a special offer for international students of Atman Federation, this year you can buy a 14-Days Pass for 280 Euro. The pass will allow access to all camp activities for 14 days in a row starting from the moment the participant activates the access code for the camp. The price for this pass is the same for all countries, no further reductions.

Also it remains the possibility to buy a Single-Day Pass for 65 Euro same as it was offered in the last years in Costinesti.

Steps to register to the Online Summer Camp

  1. Please send an email to your teacher or the school administration with the subject: “Online Summer Camp registration” saying that you want to register in the camp. Please note, only persons that are 18 and older can register.
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive an email from Atman Federation with the link for online signup sheet for registration.
  3. Fill out the signup sheet from the link and make the payment in the online form. You will receive a first automatic reply email after signing up.
  4. As soon as the payment is confirmed, each registered participant will receive by email an access code along with the corresponding instructions for joining the online camp (on the email address from which you registered). The code is personal and non-transmissible.
  5. Enter your details and access code on the login site for the camp (link to the site will be provided in the email and will also be available on MISA-TV from the moment the camp starts). Here you will be asked to choose a password to complete your registration. From here on, you will login to the camp with your email and chosen password. Please do not use the access code again, because it will show you that it is already assigned.

Be aware that if you choose the 14-days pass, the period starts from the moment you used your access code for registering in the camp.

If you follow these steps and you have are any problems in the registration process or you didn’t receive your code within 24h after confirmed payment, please write us on with the Subject “Registration issues Summer Camp”

Other Specifications

  • Only person who are at least 18 years old have access to this camp.
  • The detailed program of the camp will be available only on the MISA Sensational TV site, and only to those who have registered for the camp.
  • All activities of the International Summer Yogi Camp, which will take place online between August 1 – September 2, will be broadcast exclusively on the channel dedicated to the camp. All those who wish to participate to these activities, including the meditations and exemplifications, are invited to register for the camp.

For any other situation, which is not included in the description above, please contact us at

We wish you a wonderful Summer Camp, full of blissful experiences and enlightening realisations!

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