From 10/10/2017 - 15/10/2017

in Greece

We kindly invite you in the “Shakti in ecstasy” Camp which will take place in Greece in the period of 10-15 October, 2017, having the theme “MAHASHAKTI – THE STRENGTH OF FUNDAMENTAL MANIFESTATION AND ESSENTIAL FEMININE REFLECTION OF THE INEFFABLE DIVINE SUBLIME”. The accommodation starts on the 9th of October and ends on the 15th of October.

From the program of the camp

  • The energetic dynamism of women who aspire to transform rapidly and profoundly – the expression of a constant communion with the Eternal Feminine, MAHASHAKTI
  • Confessions referring to states of SAMADHI through the profound communion with MAHASHAKTI
  • Accessing often the hypostasis of DEVI (Goddess) of a woman in whom the state of SHAKTI already started to awaken. Initiatory modalities for the occult stimulation and activation of certain secret zones of the body of women that allow the dynamisation of the superior centres of force (CHAKRAS) inclusively, and the gradual discovery of the DEVI (Goddess) hypostasis in women who transform rapidly, sustained
  • Accessing and utilising with wisdom and goodwill the eminent, beneficial, occult, feminine strength that gradually awakens through connecting with the gigantic sphere of force of MAHASHAKTI
  • The constant, ineffable state of spiritual flourishing of a Shakti that appears and is then amplified through the conscious, plenary, euphoric reflection of MAHASHAKTI in their own inner universe
  • Euphoric dance, Vijnana Mandala Asana, Exceptional Spiritual Exemplification sustained by our spiritual guide

The application can be done

  • In Bucharest, in the period of 25th of July – 4th of August, 2017, in the Venus Headquarters, on Intrarea Romanitei Street 15, from Monday to Friday between 13.00 to 17.00
  • In Costinesti, in the period of 15-31 August, 2017
  • or via email to 

Please ask there also for the specific requirements for participation. Please only apply in the given time frames. The number of places is limited.

Camp fee

  • in the period of 25th of July – 4th of August, 2017: 250 euro
  • in the period of 5th of August- 31st of August, 2017: 260 euro
  • in the period of 1st of September – 30th of September: 275 euro

The camp fee includes accommodation and 3 meals daily in Swedish buffet. It does not include transport.


Those who would like to travel by bus, are asked to announce it when applying. If there are sufficient number of applicants, we will organise transport by bus.

For further information

Tel: 0737 620 999

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