From 10/10/2018 - 14/10/2018

in Shakti Camp Greece 2018

We invite you to join us in the „SHAKTI IN ECSTASY” camp that will take place in Greece in October between 10th-14thTHE GIFTS OF MAHA SHAKTI’S HEART THAT GIVE US CONTINUOUS IMPULSES TOWARDS THE GODLY ECSTASY”.

From the camp program:

  • Crina Atomulesă: Special initiatic elements that put us in resonance with MAHA SHAKTI
  • Aida Călin: A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her. Confessions regarding certain states of SAMADHI
  • Simona Corduneanu: Fructify in a real way the states that you experience during the amorous fusions with your lover and thus you will be able to truly grow spiritually!
  • Laura Mosor: The Godly Beauty that characterizes MAHA SHAKTI in eternity reveals to us the mystery of creation
  • Irina Sublima: How does yoga practice help us transform spiritually and enter in communion with MAHA SHAKTI
  • Delicious games and surprises
  • Euphoric dance
  • VIJNANA MANDALA ASANA – a unique form of practicing group asanas in the shape of magical mandalas



(includes accommodation, 3 meals per day as Swedish buffet and the camp fee. It does not include transport):

  • Between July 16th – 31st: 270 euro
  • Between August 1st – 31st: 280 euro
  • Between September 1st – 30th: 285 euro

Camp registration is made with a deposit of minimum 100 EUR (non-refundable) and the rest of the sum has to be paid until September 30th 2018. For those that want to come together with your lovers, the fee for them is 180 EUR (includes accommodation and 3 meals per day as Swedish buffet). Check-in starts on October 10th 2018 and check-out is on October 14th 2018.

ATTENTION! Room allocation will be made according to the moment of registration, in rooms of two or three.


Those that want transport by bus from Bucharest, please let us know when you register. If we will have enough requests, we will organize the transport by bus.


Phone: (+40) 737 620 999 | E-mail:

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