From 22/06/2017 - 29/06/2017

in Natha Finland

My soul – the point of conversion for the energies manifested through the chakras

The moments of awakening of the Soul can be experienced for example when music makes an appeal to it, poetry touches it, nature moves it, art beneficially influences it. It no longer is a sleeping soul, it awakens and it begins to enjoy life to a fuller extent – consciously. The earth that we walked on has transformed into heaven. This transformation comes not only by study or practice, but mainly by the changing of our point of view.

Once a Soul is awakened it becomes communicative with life. It is the living person who brings joy, and therefore it is the awakened Soul who is joyous. Never for one moment imagine that a spiritual person means a dried-up, long-faced person. Spirit is joy, Spirit is life, and when the Soul is awakened all the joy, pleasure and happiness that exist are there. 

The program includes: Seminars with practical modalities to awaken and dynamize the Soul; Specific tantric exercises of transfiguration and meditation; Hatha Yoga practiced in unison; Games & artistic moments prepared by the participants.

Accomodation: The viras will sleep in tents in the garden, while the shaktis will be accommodated in the building.

The camp is open for all students of Natha (students in any of the courses of Esoteric Yoga, Intensive Tantra, Tantra for Women, Erotic Tantra, and Ayurveda, as well as frequent participants in Hatha Yoga).

The teaching will be given in English.

Place: Sundari ashram. The ashram is located in Espoo in a natural environment of lakes and forest. The beautiful landscape is perfect for both short walks and longer hikes, The ashram, with its big garden, allows for stillness, silence and privacy, and is thus a wonderful setting for a spiritual camp like this.

The price includes food & accommodation, but not transport. (the camp fee includes no extra fee for the camp program. Natha offers the camp program free of charge as a gift to its students). Payment can be done either at the reception or to Natha’s account FI25 1279 3000 5134 53.

Please sign up at the reception. The last day for sign up and payment (200 €) is 5.6.2017. Note that the camp is open only for students of Natha. For Karma Yoga opportunities you can inquire from reception.


More information and booking on the event website


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