From 02/07/2018 - 08/07/2018

in Somerset, England

The longest journey you can ever take is the one from the head to the heart

When experienced from the head, our existence seems random, incoherent and often confusing. We perceive ourselves as separate from everyone and everything else and our everyday life often feels like a struggle, being characterised by agitation and stress.

Moving into the heart radically changes our experience of life, which becomes a coherent flow of experiences revealing profound secrets. Every moment lived from the heart seems rich and meaningful. Our relationship to the world and other beings is characterised by a feeling of unity and harmony, everything being part of a bigger picture. From the heart we are peacefully present with all that is.

In this retreat, we will embark on the journey from the head to the heart, learning useful tools to guide us on the journey – and most importantly we will do it together.

Food and accommodation all inclusive

Camping (bring your own tent): £400 / £350 pp early bird
Shared room (2-4 people): £470 / 420 pp early bird
Double ensuite room: £550 / £500 pp early bird

More information and booking on the event website

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