From 14/06/2019 - 16/06/2019

in Shambala, Yoga centar Atman

The Tantra Yoga of how to find the love you aspire to and improve the love relationship you have

Love is one of our basic human needs. We need to love and to feel loved in order to be fulfilled. Modern culture does not educate us in the spirit of romantic relationships. Once the initial spark is gone, we do not usually know how to keep alive the passion, excitement and interest for years to come. Thus, we tend to leave our romantic relationships up to faith.

During our workshop, you will learn:

  • The tantric approach on love relationships
  • Identify your own ideal lover and Esoteric Tantric modalities to attract them in your life
  • Useful tools on how to communicate and interact with your beloved one in a way that grows the love and intimacy
  • Intimacy versus familiarity
  • Tantra Yoga techniques for amplifying the compatibility, connection and love

Participation fee:

EARLY BIRD 40 Euros (paid before 7th May 2019)
Rates after 7th May| 50 Euros (paid before 7th June 2019)
Rates after 7th June | 60 Euros

Applications and information: | tel. +38762417757 and +38761513730

Nicolae Catrina (Adinathananda) is a yoga teacher with more than 30 years of experience. Two decades ago he founded the only Kashmir Shaivism course in Europe that offers to the thousands of students from Romania and abroad the riches and profoundness of this spiritual tradition in a unique way that is adapted to western mentality.

His deep interest for various forms of authentic spirituality and his spiritual intuition have helped him elaborate over time a series of initiatic courses, such as Tantric Alchemy, Enneagram or esoteric I-Ching. He also created a unique system for the revelation of the Essential Self, Atman, based on a supramental approach – but also a very accessible one – for the revelation of the Self (based on the enlightening esthetic experience) that has already helped thousands of aspirants take important steps towards discovering their essential divine nature.

He is the author of many books on Shaivism, Yoga, Tantra, Alchemy, initiatic art etc. He has translated many important yogic and tantric texts, such as Sundaryalahari, Shiva Samhita or Gheranda Samhita. He exclusively offers in his Shaivism courses numerous traditional, esoteric works, such as Shiva Sutra, Spanda Karika, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra etc., as well as their practical, deeply transforming knowledge in a new, innovative way.

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