From 21/03/2019 - 24/03/2019

in Maha Yoga Zentrum Berlin, Germany

We are very happy and delighted to invite you to the Yoni Chakra Camp for Women (Part I and II), “A chance to become a Shakti in Ecstasy – The beginning of a planetary revolution of the feminine eroticism”. The camp is organized and hosted by Venus. The speakers of the camp are Irina Baldazar, Laetiția Bălan and Paula Dafinoiu.

This camp is only for all female students of the Yoga schools within the ATMAN federation, who have the initiation into Laya Yoga. In this camp a truly exceptional spiritual initiation in the secret mantra of the secondary subtle force centre YONI CHAKRA (the Chakra of Orgasm) will be offered.

The camp programme will also include:

  • A valuable technique of communion and identification with MAHA SHAKTI
  • Unique moments with special games, delicious surprises and the contest “The most erotically shameless participant within whom the Shakti state is beginning to awaken”
  • The Tantric Orgasm – revelations regarding various types of orgasms
  • Awakening the Shakti state – what it really means
  • Special lectures of spiritual guidance on the topic
  • Ceremony of adoration of the Supreme Godly Mother MAHA SHAKTI

Camp Fee:

  • Yoni Chakra I + II: 200 €
  • Yoni Chakra II (if you have the 1st initiation): 120 €

For the ones who have both initiations and want to relisten the fee is 40 €  for the entire retreat or 15 € per day.
3 – 4 women can also participate by helping in the camp, please contact the email mentioned below for further information.


Breakfast: 4 € / Lunch: 7 € / Dinner: 7 € / Food can be provided from 15 participants and up.


  • Yoga Hall: 5 € per night
  • Ashram (limited number of places available): 10 € per night

Please notice that you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and towel if you stay in the yoga hall. In case you stay in a room please bring your own towel.


The registration ends on the 28th of February 2019.
(for an extra fee of 20 € you can sign up until the 8th of March 2019)
If you have further questions regarding the administration or/and you want to sign up, please contact Elina:


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