The Grand Graduation of the new ATMAN Tantra for Women and Yoga teachers

If one expects a one evening event when hearing of a graduation, he might be surprised when peeking into the program booklet of the Graduation of the new Tantra for Women and Yoga teachers last weekend. The event started already on Wednesday with a preparatory administrative program, followed by a full Thursday of initiation into the mysteries of the Law of Occult Offering – so much needed when wanting to become a teacher – bringing this universal principle, this fundamental pillar of any authentic spiritual system closer to the graduates.

Friday was the big day of the spiritual beginning of their teaching activity, celebrated in two genuine rituals of investiture. For Oana, one of the new Yoga teachers, “…the investiture made the biggest impression. It was really touching, really powerful and emotional. I feel that was the peak of my graduation days.”

On Saturday, the graduates from more than 20 countries received their diplomas, a great moment also for Teodor, one of the new Yoga teachers from Sweden: “Besides happiness and joy, it was one of the strong experiences of the weekend. It was also quite crystallizing, it was a moment when I really felt as if I had made a choice, that I had taken a considerable step forward on my path of evolution.” A considerable step for many: the graduates of 2019 Yoga Teacher Training had the highest rate of passing the exams of all times – over staggering ninety percent!

The ceremony was embraced by a frame of several artistic moments, most of them prepared by the enthusiastic graduates themselves. First, the numerous beautiful new Tantra for Women Teachers mesmerized the audience with their magnetic presence in a first introduction moment. The Shaktis granted then an insight into their “Journey into Femininity” and concluded their part of the ceremony with a heavenly choir, accompanied on piano by Atena, one of the graduates, piano teacher in the University of Zurich and renowned artist with concerts all over Europe. This was the first of the many enjoyable surprises of this graduation: to discover the various resourceful backgrounds of the new Atman teachers.

A group of Yoga graduates then brought the guests closer to the polar game of energies, illustrated through asanas in artistic combinations. Another moment was dedicated to the awakening journey through the elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether and beyond. Also not missing were a sensual tango from the school in Argentina, a performance from the group of aspiring Russian yoga teachers about focus, and a very masculine contribution from male yoga teachers demonstrating the true state of Vira.

The whole graduation show was transmitted live on MISA TV and ascended into a grand finale premiere in Denmark, when the initiate theater group Sophrozin lifted the audience into sublime realms with an unforgettable love story. Guided by the grace of Shiva and all ten Great Cosmic Powers from the Maha Vidya Yoga system, this highly charged and magical hour could be felt in each cell of the body and deep within heart and soul of the spectators.

After the show, the dance floor opened and all the new Yoga and Tantra for Women teachers, together with their friends and relatives that came to celebrate together their graduation, continued the festivity dancing on into the night and making best use of the graduation photo booths.

We had the chance to ask some of the graduates how the wish to become yoga teachers was born in them. For Oana it was clear from early childhood: “I’ve always wanted to become a teacher. When I was 14, my mum received an invitation to a yoga conference; and this one word, YOGA, just vibrated deeply within me. I’m still very thirsty and this school provides me with so many ways of going deep into my essence to find the answers through this investigation … it’s not only intellectual knowledge, but a deep essential knowledge that transforms my life on all levels.”

With the spiritual investiture and the award ceremony, the program was yet not over. On Sunday one more profound spiritual gift was awaiting the fresh Yoga teachers, the initiation into the Spiritual Impulse technique – offering a way to directly assist and support the students through intermediating a transfer of Grace.

After this rich content, Oana, who will teach in the Netherlands, concluded: “I was overwhelmed with joy! Happy and grateful at the same time. I felt like I’ve completed something really important. I was filled with a lot of grace and responsibility.” And Mirsada from Bosnia is “… still overwhelmed. It was very powerful!”

With this, the graduation of a new generation of Tantra for Women and Yoga teachers was accomplished, and yet, their journey just began. The administration team of the ATMAN Federation is thanking everyone who made this grandiose graduation possible, and already starting with unstoppable enthusiasm to prepare the next graduation in February 2020 for the new teachers of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course. Continuous transformation in endless motion. Looking forward seeing you there again…


— What we teach or give to others, we also teach or give to ourselves —