Tantra Teacher Training Course

tantra-teacher-training-01The Atman Federation offers the possibility to become a fully qualified Tantra teacher through its highly comprehensive Tantra Teacher Training Course. This course is for serious Tantric practitioners who wish to deepen their own understanding about the Tantric system through teaching and guiding others on the Tantric path. The TTTC has been devised by senior Tantra teachers, Advaita and Adina Stoian. Advaita and Adina also teach the TTTC assisted by other senior teachers from within the Atman Federation. Because of its structure, requirements and number of hours of training, the Atman Federation’s Tantra Teacher Training Course is the most indepth course of its kind available worldwide. It is one of the only existing tantra teacher training programs in the world today and the only one that is connected to a specific, ongoing tantra course.

Course Pre-Requisites

To apply for the TTTC you need to be in the Tantra Intensive Course in one of the Atman Federation accredited schools and to be in at least the 3rd year of this course. This assures that the aspirants have already undergone extensive study and practice within the Tantric system and are at a level which is suitable for beginning the intensive teacher training.

It is necessary to sit an admission examination in order to be able to enrol in the course. The exam happens a few months before a new group begins. The date and what courses to prepare for the next one will be announced in 2018. This exam takes place locally and is organised by the Tantra Intensive Course coordinator in your country.

Structure of the Tantra Teacher Training Course

tantra-teacher-training-06A new TTTC group will begin on 18th of October 2019. It is necessary to pass an admission exam which will take place on the 6th of April 2019, 21:00-00:00 CET (Danish time). The course runs for 4 years and is comprised of eight modules. Each module is 10 days, beginning on Friday afternoon at 16:00 and ending on the evening of the following Sunday. It requires full participation at all modules in order to complete the course.

Content of the Tantra Teacher Training Course

The TTTC covers the theoretical and practical subjects in the first five years of the Tantra Intensive Course as well as important notions about being a Tantra teacher and supplementary course material. Special initiations are also given within the course.

Examinations, Graduation and Certification

tantra-teacher-training-05After the completion of all eight modules, the final exam takes place. This exam includes several different categories of assessment, including a theory exam on all the notions in the Tantra Course and in the TTTC and a practical exam. In order to be eligible for graduation, it is also necessary to submit a thesis. The thesis topic is chosen in the 2nd year of the TTTC.

Upon completion of this course, graduates will be formally certified to teach the Tantra Intensive Course throughout the world under the integration of the ATMAN Federation. The graduation at the end of the TTTC takes place in Paradise Retreat Center approximately two months after the final exam. At the graduation, graduates receive their diplomas and spiritual investiture as teachers of this profound spiritual path.


The Training takes place in Paradise Retreat Centre, Denmark. Vegetarian meals and basic lodging are available onsite. It is also possible to stay in hotels and cottages in the surrounding area and be shuttled to and from the retreat center. For more information about all the options, transportation, prices etc. please visit: https://paradiseretreatcenter.com/

How to sign up?

For more information about this course and guidelines on how to apply, please contact us at tantratraining@atmanyogafederation.org