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8th – 12th of November 2023 – Online
with Adinathananda (Nicolae Catrina)

The tradition of Kashmir Shaivism is considered to be the most elevated, exquisite and pure form of Tantra, offering both a particularly complex metaphysics and some of the most direct, fast, complete, and extraordinary methods of spiritual accomplishment. The unique theoretical and practical framework of this spiritual retreat will give to all participants the possibility of easily stepping into superior, ecstatic states of consciousness, as well as accessing authentic forms of spiritual enlightenment.

In this retreat there will be offered new initiations and esoteric methods for accelerated spiritual awakening from the Kashmir Shaivism tradition, such as:

– Further initiation into the esotericism of Shiva-Bhairava;
– Introduction into the Tantric Esoteric tradition of an essential form of Mahashakti
– Traditional revelations regarding the mysterious universal creative energies (shaktis) – the Yoginis – that can trigger the awakening of the fundamental, endless occult energy kundalini shakti, and numerous extraordinary spiritual accomplishments as well;
– Effective ways for attaining spiritual Enlightenment, as well as the awakening and developing the condition of ideal Tantric femininity (the superior state of Shakti) for women and the ideal Tantric masculinity (the state of a Vira) for men; spiritual and emotional healing, regeneration, spiritual protection, karmic purification etc.;


(This initiation will be offered shortly afterwards, at certain dates that will be announced in due time.)

Note: Although some of these initiations are continuations of the ones offered in previous retreats, they will be so presented and integrated that they can easily be assimilated and then practiced with full success by first-time participants!

Information about registration will follow.

Spiritual event "Walk for the World", Saturday 23 September, from 16:00 CEST [20 September]

On Saturday 23 September, starting at 16.00, Dr. Joe Dispenza is organising a spiritual event to which he has invited all those who wish to join him. The event is called “Walk for the World” and is being held for the transition of humanity into a brighter, more elevated and spiritual reality. Already many people from all over the world have announced their participation, and thanks to the force of the unison, the energy involved will be very powerful, so those who want to participate can join in supporting this action. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work is known to many colleagues, especially as his method is a combination of well known practical methods in our yoga school.

The procedure consists of an internalized walk, while having a clear and firm intention, accompanied by some powerful, elevated, uplifting force ideas and by experiencing some emotions specific to these force ideas. Before we begin this action in unison, we will include starting at 15:55 the consecration of the fruits to God for helping to move humanity to a more elevated spiritual level.

Those who wish to take up this invitation can find more details about the modalities of the event on the website, and the music support will be available from Thursday 21 September on the same website. Please note that the audio recording will be available in English.

Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru will also be supporting this action.

Atypical lectures premiere within the MCT corresponding to the summer holiday [14 September]

The new session of MCT atypical lectures corresponding to the Summer Holiday 2023 will include 8 premiere lectures by Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, which can be auditioned in October on the MCT website according to the following schedule, CEST HOURS:

Saturday 7 October, from 22:10 – lecture MCT-37
Sunday 8 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-38
Saturday 14 October, 22:10 – MCT-39 conference
Sunday 15 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-40
Saturday 21 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-41
Sunday 22 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-42
Saturday 28 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-43
Sunday 29 October, from 22:10 – conference MCT-44

In order to be able to participate in these auditions, each participant must have listened integrally to the MCT-33, MCT-34, MCT-35 and MCT-36 lectures under the specified conditions, either on the MCT website or during August 2023 at Costinești, so that the presence on the live website must have been registered integrally under the personal code no later than 4 October 2023, 11:00.

If each of the free auditions in this series (MCT-37 to MCT-44) has 100% attendance registered on each participant’s personal code, that person will have the opportunity to participate in the free premiere auditions scheduled in the next series of MCT atypical lectures, starting with MCT-45.

Please note that the access to the MCT lectures broadcast on the website is for free only once, when the premiere audition of the lecture is scheduled, and only for those who have fully attended the audition of the lectures of the previous series. In all other circumstances, the attendance at a subsequent audition cannot be free of charge.

Premiere conference in 5 parts on MISA TV, starting Friday 8 September [6 September]

MISA Sensational TV will broadcast as a premiere the conference of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru entitled “An in extenso development of the glossary term SCANDAL”, according to the following schedule (CEST):

Part 1 – Friday 8 September at 22:45,
replay Saturday 9 September at 14:30

Part 2 – Tuesday 12 September at 20:20,
replay Thursday 14 September at 20:20

Part 3 – Tuesday 19 September at 20:20,
replay Thursday 21 September at 20:20

Part 4 – Tuesday 26 September at 20:20,
replay Thursday 28 September at 20:20

Part 5 – Tuesday 3 October at 20:20,
replay Thursday 5 October at 20:20

This conference will be replayed in the coming weeks.

Programme of TCM activities in August, September and December [3 August]

The programme of the re-auditions in August, online (on the website of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement) and physically (in Costinești):

The programme of the re-auditions in September, online:

The programme of the re-auditions in December, online:


The ATMAN Federation celebrates the new generation of Tantra Teachers 2020

The ATMAN Federation celebrates the new generation of Tantra Teachers 2020

From 5 to 10 February 2020 Paradise Retreat Center will once again be transformed into a sublime celebration for the graduation of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

The ATMAN Federation celebrates once again a new generation of Yoga-, Esoteric Tantra Yoga- and Tantra for Women Teachers

The ATMAN Federation celebrates once again a new generation of Yoga-, Esoteric Tantra Yoga- and Tantra for Women Teachers

With the three groups combined, the 2017 graduation was already a true Maha Graduation. This year we will even need to celebrate twice! Two full 5-day graduation weekends – at the end of November and at the beginning of February – await us and a new generation of certified ATMAN teachers.

Grand Graduation 2017

Grand Graduation 2017

The new teachers of the Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women classes of 2017 met for one of the biggest events in the history of the ATMAN Federation, a magnificent graduation ceremony. Aspirants from 25 countries successfully passed the exams of the ATMAN Teacher Training Courses for Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women.