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Registration for the International Esoteric Yogi Summer Camp 2021

We invite you to participate to the International Esoteric Yogi Summer Camp 2021 which will take place online between 1st August – 5th September 2021.

The camp is available for all students of member schools of the Atman Federation. For further events available also to non-students, please refer to

Same as the Spring and Summer camps in 2020, this camp will be held in Romanian and translations will be provided. English translation will be provided by default and other languages (Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese) will be added if there are minimum 10 participants of the respective language.

Please sign up quickly to ensure that the translation team can be organised.

Most probably, parts of the camp programme will again be repeated during the European night hours, in order to be more accessible for participants living in other time zones.

Registrations for international students starts from Tuesday, 20th July 2021. The sign-up process may take a few days. So please sign up in good time to avoid missing any part of the camp programme.

Registration process
The registration for this camp will take place in the local schools of the Atman Federation. In order to register you have to contact your school administration or your teacher or follow your school’s announcements. The following elements are required to register:

Registration form
Fill out the registration form with GDPR agreement (available at your school), and provide the necessary data to sign up: name, year of Yoga, Tantra or Shaivism, email, birthday …

Two classic camp photos will be submitted for registration in format 10/15 cm or 2:3 proportions:
– Front view + semi-profile
– Dressed in a bathing suit, speedos for men, bikini for women, not covering the navel.
– Pictures have to be clear and sharp, with good lighting, best resolution with maximum size of 2-3 MB
– all parts of the body visible in the picture, also not covered by the paper with the date
– the date visible on the picture, to be recent, taken after May 15, 2021

Participation fee
The participation contribution for the Summer Camp is 575 Euro.
There is also the possibility to have access to the camp’s activities for a period of 36 hours – single day pass. In this case, the contribution is 65 Euro. We will announce you, if there will be a 14-days pass available, as it was the case in 2020.
Due to some economic conditions, students from certain countries will be eligible for reductions, which are similar as in the last years when the camp took place in Costinesti, Romania. Please refer to your country’s school administration for details.

Confirmation of participation and camp access
After you have provided all necessary elements, your registration will be processed through Atman Federation and the Romanian host of the camp. Be aware that this may take a few days. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive instruction for accessing the camp in the email that you provided during the registration.

Other Specifications:
This process is valid for all students of Atman member schools registered outside of Romania (incl. Romanians living abroad), who want to participate to this camp.

Students registered in the Romanian Esoteric yoga school (MISA) or in Moldova, please refer to the announcements on for the registration process.

Non-students may sign-up for this camp if they provide in addition a written declaration from a student at one of Atman’s schools who knows them.

Only persons who have turned 18 have access to this camp.

All camp participants will receive, after the end of the camp, gift materials.

Those who for various reasons were not allowed to participate in these camps in previous years, will not be able to be accepted this year either. Therefore, they are kindly asked not to apply this year.

Point of view regarding vaccines [April 27]

Regarding the current controversial issue related to vaccines, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru stated in some answers offered on this topic the following point of view:

“The fools will suffer the serious effects of vaccines. Nothing can be done for them anymore. Many of them will even die. This is an answer sent by us, which you can share and thus warn everyone.

Those who have doubts even now, being under the influence of demons, we notice that they are very willing to get vaccines and then they are no longer afraid and they don’t have doubts anymore, precisely because the demons push them towards death.

Because every human being has the right to an opinion, we make this statement of ours known also in this way. This message reflects our point of view and can be shared everywhere. ”

Meditations, Favourable Astrological Moments and Spiritual Events

You find all supported unison meditations of the whole month now on our meditations page:

Meditations in support of Donald Trump in his eminently beneficial actions will continue every day from 19.30 CEST

The support program is still continuing every day, between 19:30-20:00 CET, on MISA TV, with the support of our spiritual Guide. In this special spiritual action, all of us in unison will seek to experience a state of profound fundamental communion with the subtle sublime energy of the Godly Attribute of Godly Help, the fruits of which are offered instantly by us to Donald Trump in order to be fully supported in this way by the Good God in all the eminently beneficial actions he does or will do in complete accord with the Will of God.



In order to understand why it is very important for this man to be supported in the courageous act of exposing and even arresting the leaders of the satanic sect of the so-called Illuminati, who currently want to impose by force, but especially with great cunningness the Nazi direction that is known under the generic name of the New World Order, you can watch here the documentary made by the Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard.


An important message from yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, which we ask you to study attentively, even a few times:

The help that is offered during this period to Donald Trump, implies that each one of us feel fully and especially to be clearly and intensely aware, in a nuanced way, that we become and then remain a mysterious channel, in and through which, the Good God manifests Himself in ways only known to Him, in order to help this man immensely. That is why it is necessary to thus implore God:

“LORD GOD, Heavenly Father, I implore You with faith, humility, fervour, and justified hopes to help this man with all that You consider he needs, to inspire, guide, and support him so that in Your enigmatic game the immense, omnipotent, sublime and endless GODLY GOOD triumphs over the SATANIC EVIL, which is limited, insignificant, impermanent and ephemeral. YOUR WILL be done, in and through the being of this man. We, the people, propose to You with faith and humility, and YOU, Lord, are the One who arranges accordingly. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

We will then experience in an ineffable way how God mysteriously manifests Himself, in and through our being that is open to HIM, and each one of us will also benefit (in a proportion of about 30%) from putting into practice the godly Law of occult offering, which implies that everything we offer with benevolence, abnegation, detachment and that comes from God, to a considerable extent we also offer to ourselves what we give to another or others. Thus, we are each one of us fully convinced that WHEN, WITH THE HELP OF GOD, YOU DO A LOT OF GOOD, THEN YOU FIND MUCH GOOD AFTERWARDS, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Our enthusiastic, detached, heroic, beneficent, persevering and courageous participation is a necessary and quickly transforming drop (of the state of affairs on this PLANET OF “REPEATERS” immersed in the deadly sleep of lethargy, ignorance and egotistical indifference), which also deifies us and will cause the appearance of the large or small miracles that humanity and each of us urgently needs.

We thank you in advance for such a fruitful participation!


Legal notice template that can be used by those who choose to exercise their right to refuse experimental anti-covid serums

Legal notice template that can be used by those who choose to exercise their right to refuse experimental anti-covid serums

There is an increasing debate of making it obligatory for certain categories of professions to receive the experimental serum called the covid ‘vaccine’. The compulsory vaccination of teachers, medical staff or employees in the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector has been discussed. How can those who are requested by their employer or other authorities to get vaccinated ...

The real Donald Trump may now be discovered

The real Donald Trump may now be discovered

Written by Sylvain LAFOREST – The timing is right for everyone to make constructive efforts to understand what Donald Trump is doing, and seek to decrypt the ambiguity of how he is doing it. The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs, but since ...

The ATMAN Federation celebrates the new generation of Tantra Teachers 2020

The ATMAN Federation celebrates the new generation of Tantra Teachers 2020

From 5 to 10 February 2020 Paradise Retreat Center will once again be transformed into a sublime celebration for the graduation of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Grand Graduation 20-24 Nov 2019

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

Final Exam of the Tantra Teacher Training Course – the ultimate module of a four-year journey

The ATMAN Federation celebrates once again a new generation of Yoga-, Esoteric Tantra Yoga- and Tantra for Women Teachers

The ATMAN Federation celebrates once again a new generation of Yoga-, Esoteric Tantra Yoga- and Tantra for Women Teachers

With the three groups combined, the 2017 graduation was already a true Maha Graduation. This year we will even need to celebrate twice! Two full 5-day graduation weekends – at the end of November and at the beginning of February – await us and a new generation of certified ATMAN teachers.

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL - Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL – Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation which has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.

Grand Graduation 2017

Grand Graduation 2017

The new teachers of the Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women classes of 2017 met for one of the biggest events in the history of the ATMAN Federation, a magnificent graduation ceremony. Aspirants from 25 countries successfully passed the exams of the ATMAN Teacher Training Courses for Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra for Women.