Esoteric and Integral Tantra Yoga Course

A complete spiritual path to enlightenment through the lucid engagement with life

The Esoteric and Integral Tantra Yoga Course course offers a complete set of tools and methods that enable the practitioner to expand their consciousness through transforming all life experiences into spiritual realisations, lessons and understandings. It is an invitation to awaken now and to live life in full awareness, enjoying its amazing intensity and directly experiencing ecstatic happiness and freedom in the midst of daily life. Through this enlightening path, the creation and everything in it is revealed to be sacred – this sacred essence can therefore be discovered within us and others, and also within our daily actions.

Esoteric Tantra Yoga is a celebration of Life, of “here and now”, whatever this might be. No aspect is rejected, avoided or suppressed: the inner, the outer, joy, sorrow, laughter, trust, doubt, shadow and light. It is neither repressive nor excessive, but rather a deep and conscious dive into reality as it is. Everything is experienced with awareness and integrated in a totally new, spiritual way.

What makes this Tantra Course special?

The Esoteric and Integral Tantra Yoga Course unites ancient Tantric spiritual and philosophical perspectives with modern spirituality and science in a deep synthesis that brings the essentials from many authentic spiritual paths. Profound knowledge and effective practical methods are made accessible to students, without diluting the timeless essence of Tantra.

Based on the spirit of the Gupta Maha Siddha lineage the course provides a coherent path of transformation for anyone who wishes to make their life more meaningful and is ready to embrace it as a spiritual experience. All aspects of life are addressed: from health, wealth, family and relationships, to the ultimate realisation of the Supreme Self.

Why ‘Esoteric’?

The word ‘esoteric’ comes from the Greek esoterikos meaning ‘within’, and esotericism therefore underlines the discovery of our inner reality and the contemplation of the true nature of the Self. While this course places an emphasis on living in the intensity of life, the work is done on the inside and life experience becomes a means to know ourselves better. The esoteric path points to the connection between everything that exists in a direct and experiential way of knowing, rather than through dogmatic or discursive explanations.

What you will learn in this course

The course progresses like a university, offering a brand-new lesson every week together with tools and practices that allow this ever expanding knowledge to be integrated into daily life. The course is structured in modules where each class builds on previous lessons, gradually guiding an aspirant upon a process of evolution in various aspects of life.

The course is a life-long journey and continues as long as you wish to keep learning. New lessons are still being developed week by week for the highest year of the course. You can decide how many months or years you want to follow, yet the course is based on continuous participation. The fundamental principles and sacred practices of the Tantric system are gradually introduced in a spiral-like journey of transformation.

Practical tools used in Esoteric Tantra Yoga

  • A unique set of fundamental universal principles: to give the correct perspective and integration of our life within cosmic laws, including:
    • The principle of resonance and how to transform every moment into an ecstatic experience
    • The principle of polarity: understanding the power and roles of the feminine and the masculine principles, Shiva/Shakti
    • The principle of energy (Shakti) and its spiritual importance
    • The principle of attention and relaxation
  • Chakra system: The importance of the body and the in-depth exploration of the chakras as a practical path of self-knowledge and development
  • Tantra yoga techniques:
    • Asana (yoga postures), mudra (certain gestures performed with mind and/or body), bandha (contraction of certain muscles), pranayama (breathing techniques)
    • Purification techniques
    • Tantric forms of mediation for purifying the mind and the more subtle layers
  • Tantric attitudes: for example, openness, curiosity, courage, optimism, active love, attention and relaxation, and how to cultivate them in our everyday life.
  • Tantric morality: Yamas and Niyamas (Tantric moral principles and guidelines for a spiritual life)
  • The importance of pleasure and orgasm as ways to expand the consciousness and reach high spiritual states: tools for erotic amourous continence – controlling and harnessing the erotic energy
  • The importance of Love: how to live from the heart on the spiritual path

Advanced levels

  • 10 Great Cosmic Powers (Mahavidyas) – the Tantric representation of the aspects of Creation
  • Tantric Alchemy and inner transformation
  • Esoteric Astrology as a tool of Self-knowledge
  • Tantric magic and rituals
  • The secrets of touch and tantric massage
  • Esoteric Tantric eroticism
  • Secrets of the Tantric couple relationship
  • The enlightening exploration of desires and fundamental needs
  • The mechanisms of the mind and consciousness to ensure profound self-awareness and success in meditation. 
  • Essential Tantric principles for conscious living and working with energies, e.g. principles of: spontaneity, acting without hesitation, perceptive presence, accumulating energy, action and reaction, rhythm and repetition.
  • …and much more

What a Tantra Yoga class looks like

The classes take place weekly, making it easily possible to follow an ongoing spiritual path while being involved in family and work life. In this way, the day-to-day activities and spiritual evolution can perfectly complete and enrich each other, a very important aspect in our modern culture where we could hardly shut down all mundane activities and retreat into a mountain cave. This would not only be difficult but not even the most efficient way to transform as we will learn.

The theory lessons include a detailed presentation on the topic of each class with 5-7 weeks being dedicated to each module. Techniques and knowledge are explained in a down-to-earth manner, that helps you to achieve amazing results in your own life.

Each class includes a practical part with yoga techniques and meditation done in the tantric spirit, facilitating a direct experience of the tantric teachings, opening the channels for energy to flow freely. Practice is closely guided with each technique clearly explained.

Our Tantra teachers have a minimum of 7 years of experience and personal practice after graduating the Tantra Teacher Training Course. They are available for personal questions and guidance during the Q&A session after each class which leaves optional discussion time.

Printed course materials are given after each lesson* to deepen the study at home. To achieve the best results, a regular practice in between the classes is highly recommend. In the first year, classes last approximately 2 – 2.5 hours, gradually rising to 2.5 – 3 hours in the second year with the progress of theory and practical techniques.

* (available for the first year of study and continuously extending) 

Find the Tantra Yoga Course near you

Our Esoteric and Integral Tantra Yoga Course is taught in many of the member schools of the Atman Federation. Find a center in your city or join the course in our Atman Online Yoga Academy.

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The Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute

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Esoteric Yoga Integral, Ananda Yoga, Bhoga Yoga

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