Yoga – a perspective of uniqueness

The millennia-old tradition of yoga is a genuine path of self-discovery and finding one’s own answers to the fundamental questions in life. Through practicing yoga – we get closer to our true essence, the spark of immortal consciousness that is inherent in all of us.

Yoga helps us to let go of overthinking, identification with different trends and false conditionings, and to embody Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Cit-Ananda in Sanskrit), our core!

Besides its importance for the evolution of human consciousness, practicing genuine yoga will bring to everybody more health, more harmony, balance, inner peace, and contentment… This is why practitioners of yoga testify to becoming better people in every possible way.

What you will learn in this course

In our modern world, true spirituality got nearly lost, and Yoga became more and more synonym for stretching exercises, acrobatic posing, or stress relief. Indeed Yoga offers many beneficial effects on the body and mind, and this is a good beginning. Yet in its true essence Yoga is much deeper and offers a complete path of continuous self-discovery for everyone who is open and curious about the “more” to life.

For this very reason, our course does not follow modern trends, squeeze into superficial understandings or adapt to comfort. In it’s authentic approach, it offers a solid base of systematic practice, while transmitting authentic knowledge in consecutive chapters – week by week, year after year.

As a school for life, a true spiritual education system, it does not aim to cut off a single inch of the original depth of Yoga. Instead, it gradually reveals to the genuine seeker a unique vastness of genuine tools to reach self revelation and spiritual liberation.

In this course you will therefore learn:

  • The chakra system and its connection to our personality and the levels of consciousness (and how it can be used to accelerate personal/spiritual development)
  • Authentic step by step techniques of meditation (with specific effects & purposes / which rapidly and efficiently create a deep & profound state of centering, relaxation, and aim to create an unbroken flow of attention / not all meditation techniques are created equal)
  • Hatha yoga asanas and the effects of each posture on the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual level, including health and healing
  • Restorative practices of deep relaxation
  • Breathing exercises to control the subtle energy flows
  • Different types of yogic diet, which support purification & well-being
  • Study of the moral principles of yoga and the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali
  • Fundamental universal laws and principles including the laws of resonance, correspondence, and polarity
  • Mental training exercises for a perfectly focused mind and enhanced physical harmony
  • Special secret techniques (such as Laya yoga) of supramental awareness for exceptional spiritual states
  • Inner alchemy – Biological transmutation and sublimation to embody your highest potential
  • Powerful teachings on amorous continence to completely preserve your vital potential and master your erotic energies
  • The hidden meaning of colors and how to use them beneficially
  • Natural detox methods for complete health
  • The use of medicinal plants for healing certain diseases in parallel with the practice of certain YOGA techniques, and ASANAS which are useful for treating various illnesses
  • Initiation in secret mantras of different traditions
  • Advanced forms of Yoga from ancient secret lineages, including Svara Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, Kalachakra Tantra, and Mahavidya Yoga (Yoga of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers)

The author of this course


Gregorian Bivolaru is the author of Integral Esoteric Yoga Course, the world’s most extensive yoga course currently offering over 33 years of study with 48 lessons per year and comprising over 14,500 pages of course materials the size of five faculties. He is also the co-author of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course and the active supporter and contributor to several other spiritual courses. Besides this major body of work, he wrote more than 150 books and booklets and over 240 articles on Yoga and spirituality.

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What a class looks like

The classes take place weekly, making it easily possible to follow an ongoing spiritual path while being involved in family and work life. In this way, the day-to-day activities and spiritual evolution can perfectly complete and enrich each other, a very important aspect in our modern culture where we could hardly shut down all mundane activities and retreat into a mountain cave. This would not only be difficult but not even the most efficient way to transform as we will learn.

Each year of study consists of 46 academically structured lessons. All taught notions and exercises are given as printed course materials after each lesson to deepen the study at home. To achieve the best results, a regular practice in between the classes is highly recommend. In the first year, classes last approximately 2 hours, gradually rising to 2.5 hours in the second year with the progress of theory and practical techniques.

The theory lessons encompass all subjects relevant for spiritual transformation, from purification to nutrition, moral principles to advanced meditation techniques, inner alchemy to esoteric astrology.

Each class includes a practical part with yoga poses (asanas) from the Hatha Yoga system. The body becomes more flexible, stronger, healthier, and purer. Nevertheless, the main focus lies on the subtle-energetic effects. The energy channels (Nadis in Sanskrit) and subtle force centers (Chakras) are purified and energized, allowing the gradual expansion and elevation of our consciousness. The asana sessions have three parts:


1. Initial awareness & warming-up exercises

Simple exercises of awareness and warming up that activate the beneficial subtle energies (both psychic and mental) that exist within the being. These exercises “warm up” and moderately stretch the muscles, increasing flexibility and gently preparing the body to perform the various poses successfully.


2. The main YOGA techniques

Practice can include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other techniques. We will learn and perceive the specific resonance processes that each body posture triggers in our being and conclude with an awareness stage, in which the effects are attentively observed, leading to an expansion of the consciousness and further amplification of the effects.


3. The complete yogic relaxation

In this stage, the entire physical body is brought into awareness and gradually led into a state of deep relaxation. In this way, the accumulated energies can harmoniously spread and settle in the aura, and the subtle-energetic dimension of our being becomes easier to perceive. After this relaxation, we will feel perfectly balanced, rested, and harmonious.

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Escuela de Yoga Esoterico Integral

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Spiritual School Rezonance

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NATHA Yogacenter

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Association Yoga Intégral

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Deutsche Akademie für Traditionelles Yoga

Berlin, Dresden, Erlangen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Heidenheim, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

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Athens Atman Association


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NATHA Yogacenter


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Atman Yoga Italia

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Natha Jogas Centrs


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Ananda Yoga Academy


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Natha Yoga


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NATHA Escola Espiritual de Yoga e Tantra, Academia Tantra Yoga Porto

Lisbon, Porto

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The Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute

Bucharest and many other cities

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School of Yoga and Tantra SATYA

Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow

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Soma Yoga Scotland


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Škola joge Tara


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School of Yoga Mystérium


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South Africa

South African Yoga and Meditation Centre ‘Atman’

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Esoteric Yoga Integral, Ananda Yoga, Bhoga Yoga

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NATHA Yogacenter

Göteborg, Karlskrona, Malmö, Stockholm

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Intensivyoga, Yoga Intégral Génève

Bern, Génève

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Mahasiddha Yoga Thailand


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United Kingdom

TARA Yoga Centre

London, Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge

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Academia Espiritual de Yoga Tradicional – ANANDA


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US Yoga Academy

Las Vegas, Des Moines

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