International Yoga Congress


Thank you for your participation to the International Yoga Congress 2016. The preparations for 2018 are starting soon. Stay informed on the official congress website:

The Contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values

As part of the International Yoga Congress, which is organized by Atman – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation and hosted by the MISA Yoga School in Bucharest, there will be a contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values.

We invite you to such a contest which is full of love, fraternity and spiritual Aspiration.
The Contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values will include three sections:
a) HATHA YOGA contest,
b) Subtle perception contest,
c) Intelligence contest.

These contest sections are detailed below:

a) Hatha Yoga contest: 

3 ASANA-s (such as SHIRSHASANA, PADMASANA, VAJRASANA) will be checked for the correctitude of the execution, proper focus of the mind and the transformation of the inner state according to the effects produced by the asanas in the microcosm of the practitioner.

Further 3 ASANA-s (such as CHAKRASANA, VRISHIKASANA, MAYURASANA) will be performed correctly for as long time as possible, proving thus a genuine practice in Hatha Yoga.

b) Subtle perception contest: 

The participants have to perceive correctly the state which will be manifested as a subtle energetic field in the contest, using a musical background. There will be 3 tests of 10 minutes and the participants will have to choose the state perceived out of 10 different states (for example courage, compassion, love, innocence, spiritual aspiration, enthusiasm, happiness, humbleness, self confidence, creative intelligence).

c) Intelligence contest:

The participants have to answer correctly 3 intelligent questions.