The cow in pink shoes

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru An allegorical story Once upon a time, there was a marvelous cow, with a great udder; there was no cow alike in the world. We may say that was a unique cow. It used to give enormous amount of good milk everyday. As it grew famous, lots of people would come over and ...

The efficiency of the Karma Yoga system

Swami Sivananda: “Many people believe that Karma Yoga is an inferior type of Yoga, but this is a great error.”

The Ineffable Sense of Sacredness – is that the seventh sense?

Have you ever considered what makes you strongly believe in your ideals and stick to them? Have you noticed your whole being uplifted by a sublime ideal you aim at?

The main goal in Karma Yoga

“The Karma yogi doesn’t need to believe in any doctrine. He may not even believe in God, he may not ask himself what is the soul and he may not be attracted by any metaphysical speculation at all” (Practical Yoga).

The mysterious influences of colours over human beings

Our whole existence is covered with colours: the wonderful colours from nature, the colours of the objects in our home, the colours of our clothes, the colours of walls from the rooms, the colours of buildings, the colours of cars and different vehicles we are travelling by, the colours of books, magazines, papers, the colours ...

The present interest in the Ayurvedic system

Today, knowledge of the Ayurvedic system has become more and more widespread. Unlike many other systems of alternative medicine, Ayurveda started to be known in very many countries of the world.

The Reality of «I Am», A Reality of the Self

Meditation on the question “who am I?” is one of the methods that enables the yogi to reveal in themselves the reality of the Immortal Supreme Self Atman.

The seven stages of the spiritual evolution

In his spiritual evolution, man passes through different stages, each of them having some specific characteristics. Recognizing these characteristics can open the path toward superior levels which leads us to perfection.

The Specific Technique in Karma Yoga

The theoretical grounds and techniques of action in Karma yoga are clearly stated by Kåñna in the Bhagavad Gita, with the only observation that the order in which these ideas are presented is not the most convenient for Western people.


The Yogic Yang Spiral Meditation

The yang spiral meditation is a form of group meditation unique to the yoga branches of the Atman International Yoga Organization. These meditations are organised to be performed in unison throughout the various branches of ATMAN such as TARA Centre UK , NATHA Denmark and MISA Romania.

Three Fundamental Conditions to Have a Healthy Life

The ancient science of life – AYURVEDA – states that in order to reach and maintain a good state of health and harmony the human being must observe three basic conditions: Healthy and natural diet; Proper regenerating rest; Perfect control over the sexual-creative potential.

What is Yoga?

YOGA is what we traditionally call “the knowledge of liberation”. We all seek, consciously or not, to rise above the limited notion of what we are. More exactly, we seek to rise above what we usually think we are.

Yoga and faith

Wise yogis consider that can means, first of all, to intensely and strongly believe in the unlimited secret possibilities of our being that needs to be in as much harmony with the entire Macrocosmos as possible.

Yoga and family planning

When they want to have children, each family or couple evidently wants them to be harmonious, healthy and intelligent. More than that, parents think in advance to have a “daughter” or a “son”. Nowadays, science has found modalities that help parents to know the sex of the future baby.

Yoga and food

The ancient wisdom of yoga states that we mostly are what we eat. The delicious meals that we relish finally reach our cells in a form more or less changed and keep staying there for a while, weighting on our vitality and health but also on our manner of thinking and on our spiritual experiences.

Yoga and parapsychology

Yoga tradition has several legends upon great yogis’ wonderful lives and miraculous deeds. Even contemporary great yogis are capable of spontaneously realizing miracles or “paranormal phenomena”, in other words.

Yoga and positive thinking

Positive thinking is considered in yoga a success’ sine qua non condition, whether it is about success in yoga practice or in any other benefic action we want to. The reason why yoga puts such a high price on positive thinking is the knowledge of the occult law of resonance.

Yoga and resonance

A transfer of energy from the stimulating system to the resonating one takes also place during resonance. When the resonance condition is reached, the amplitude of the oscillations increases a lot, presenting a certain maximum; it could become infinite if energy leaks due to rubbing factors did not exist.

Yoga and sexuality

The genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.

Yoga and the Western Philosophy

A more accurate understanding of the Eastern philosophy is nowadays possible through Yoga. The East has already entered the History circuit and the European Conscience is stimulated to take the philosophies of the peoples present in History more seriously.