Sanskrit Scriptures clearly state that if we speak to God for one day and one night without interruption, He will answer us. More precisely, we will truly be able to understand His answers, because of the accelerated elevation of our instruments of perception. Despite the method being extremely simple compared to the greatness and happiness of the divine answer offered to us, there are extremely few persons capable of making this effort. Even among the thousands of yoga practitioners who have received these revelations and who desire to communicate with God, very few have attained sufficient spiritual maturity. They are not purified enough to offer unconditional divine love, and so are incapable of being able to continuously invoke God through prayer for one day and one night ( 24 hours).

Essential Aspects in Prayer

Here we present the main aspects regarding the method for the 24 hours of continuous invocation of God, the ”24 Hour Prayer.”

In establishing a profound dialogue with God, we must have a well-defined concept about the particular manifestation of God. We should refer to this specific concept as often as possible in any moment of our existence and especially during the communication itself. For instance, if we are at the beginning of such a communication, we can visualise God The Father as the ”Divine Mother” or as one of the ”Great Cosmic Powers” with whom we have already established a profound communion. If this is not done, we will not receive any answers, or the answers will not be clear.

Another important rule we have to take into account is that the prayer through which we ask God to manifest should be as clear and vigorous as possible. A weak prayer is one which we obviously do not believe and this is not enough. When we believe with strength and sincerity in the reality of this dialogue, we say inside ourselves: “It is certain that God will speak to me, I have total confidence that He will answer me”. If we refuse any other alternative, and we have unbreakable tenacity, we can be sure He will answer one day regardless of how many years have passed without Him answering.

Man cannot give God anything else but his love for Him. This is the supreme magical secret of manifestation. He, our Creator, God The Father hankers as an eternal lover after our love. Above all, He wants us to give Him our love spontaneously, without Him asking for it. Our love is the only valuable gift God expects from us, but, nevertheless, He will not ask for it unless we really choose to give it to Him.

At the same time, He has a personal and an impersonal aspect. The Heavenly Father can have a personal relationship with each of us and He will establish it when we will allow it. As many saints and wise people confess, man was created after the image and likeness of God and this constitutes a very clear symbol of our hope for deification. As a whole, man, together with the consciousness and all the subtle energies that exist in him, is a representation at a microscopic scale of the Macrocosm that is conceived and manifested by God The Father.

God The Father not only knows, but, at the same time, He is THE WHOLE. We also have to understand that GOD THE FATHER ALWAYS ANSWERS ANY WRONG QUESTIONS WITH SILENCE.

If we decide to feverishly and continously implore the Divine Mother, manifested as one of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers, to give us the grace of communication and direct communion with Her, She will talk to us in the end, directly proportional to our adoration. Regardless of how “busy” a Great Cosmic Power may be at a certain moment, She will answer us if we keep on hankering after Her, full of love and longing.

About the prayer ardor

God doesn’t responds to weakly or unenthusiastically calls but He only appears in front of those who pray to Him with the most intense ardor for one day and night (24 continuous hours). He never fails answer such fervent callings.

“Oh Lord, our HEAVENLY FATHER, You are now for me invisible, impersonal, unknown and mysterious; still I believe, with deep, passionate love and abnegation to You, that You will assume a form and will reveal Yourself in my being.”

As long as we haven’t convinced yet God that we don’t have any other stronger wish in our heart, He will not answer us. At a wise approach we can realize this is normal, for why would God the Supreme Being reveal to us if we need nothing else in fact but his gifts?

God father is longing with much patience for us. He wishes us to get back to Him. This is our supreme right by birth. Sooner or later we’ll have to leave this Earth because in fact this is not our real home. Our life on Earth is nothing but a school where we were sent by God to see if we long for the vain earthly glory or if we get enough wisdom to say:

“Oh God, all my delusions I had so far have ended. I want to speak with nobody else but You. I do know You are my only immortal treasure because, even after the entire world disappears, I will remain with you for ever.”

In fact, the Earth is nothing else than a place where we prepare ourselves to became one with God. He speaks to us when we act for Him and in His name and we have to speak permanently full of love to Him. We can address Him like that:

“Oh God, I humbly implore You, give me Your supreme grace.”

By doing this we shall never consider His silence as a final answer.

God will often start to answer us by fulfilling one of our wishes, thus showing He is attentive to us. Still we ought to mention once again we must never confine ourselves to His gifts. We have to firmly and continuously tell Him we’ll never be happy until we have totally merged with Him. Finally, God Father will start giving us an answer which will mean to us a real divine message. Then we might have the vision of a saint, of an angel or we might simply hear His Divine Voice. We’ll know then, by an ineffable feeling, that we are in communion with God. The angelic realm bridges the level of the superior forms with the world of forms. Thus, in some cases, God could appear to us in the body of some angelic messengers. But not even then we should ever forget we are in fact talking to God Father.

To obtain this supreme gift, there is a constant, passionate effort required. Nobody can theoretically explain to us or describe to the letter this ineffable state of Aspiration towards God and what its divine shiver may stir inside of us. We have nothing else to do but raise it and enhance it in ourselves. In fact, even this awakening and spontaneous enhancement of the aspiration towards God also is its turn, nothing else than the expression of God’s grace. There is an Indian proverb saying that:” Anyone can bring a horse to water, but nobody can force it to drink. But if the horse is very thirsty, it will search for the water by itself with the keenest zeal in the world.” Also we, when we have a huge thirst for God and we don’t pay any attention at all to other activities – in words or actions – He will certainly come to us. When we call God in our being, with all the ardor of our heart, without finding all kinds of excuses for this, He will come.

When we realize the Laya Yoga technique with AUM Mantra and at the same time we ask a question to God, from the depths of our soul, if we have really reached an authentic communication to God, we’ll amazingly find out this sound takes an ineffable shape in perfectly intelligible sentences in our language which will offer us precise instructions and revelations.

In fact the Heavenly Father is always speaking to us this way:

“Always call Me, talk to Me from the depths of your heart, from the bottom of your being, from the sanctuary of your soul, in intense and firm perseverance, keep searching for Me, even if I don’t answer to you for now. If you never give up calling Me in your heart, eager of my ineffable blissful void, whispering:

“Oh my beloved Heavenly Father, who are so silent, I humbly implore You, talk to me.”

“Then I will come to you, if you endevour long enough”.

If we hear, once at least, God’s answer we’ll never feel ourselves separated from Him anymore. This supreme divine experience will ever remain inside of us. But this “first time” is in the beginning most difficult to reach because it’s not easy at all to get the mind and the heart give up the low propensities of life. Often we still doubt and we are worried and upset by this distrust due to our previous materialistic impulses (because some of them are deeply rooted in our subconscious).