by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Faith can work miracles

You must always give God the first place, no matter what you do that is important. If you don’t give God the fundamental place in your life, you therefore miss the chance to ceaselessly feel him there, which implies you cannot relish his omnipresence. This means you cannot permanently enjoy his support, which actually is his almightiness. Also, you may be obstructed from God’s continuous guiding and inspiration you need in all basic things both for yourself and for helping the others. If you do not give God the first place in your life, most of the time, then you may no longer enjoy his omniscience, which can doubtlessly provide new, creative, quite brilliant solutions which can help you and even other people that might be in need. To conclude, people who do not give God the first place in their life cannot enjoy His support for all difficult issues that may require whether His mysterious help or a wise, divinely inspired solution.

Ask and you will be given unto!

Also, within our mysterious ineffable relation to God it is highly important for us to ceaselessly apply the basic divine law that Jesus had clearly stated: Always ask God with faith and humbleness and therefore all the good things you will be given. Pursue by God’s help everything you want to discover and you will find it for sure. Knock at the mysterious “doors” of knowledge, with good hope and they will open and allow you discover the truth or any mysteries that may be unveiled.

The deepest understanding and continuous practice of this basic truth, stated in the above divine law will be a huge help for the faithful one. But this will require for the human being to humbly ask and act in deep respect and love to God our Father. He who will do so may enjoy this divine law and easily discover God’s almightiness.

Synchronicity is the mystery of God’s omnipresence

When we are so very humble and innocent and faithful like God’s divine children, we can ask God to guide us and inspire us by particular messages and signs (for instance the 64 hexagrams in I CHING). If we do so, we will be able to construe everything that may occur in our mind when we clearly, firmly state a question. All that may spring up is by all means necessity and not accident.

Therefore we may receive the signs or guiding we need and God’s providence conveys such as. In order to properly understand this revelation, we have to connect it closely to the mysterious principle of synchronicity, which in the human language allows understanding of God’s overwhelming mystery based on to His permanent almightiness and omniscience. When we want to be guided by God we should absolutely consecrate the fruits of our actions to God our Father, before we start acting and also bless three times the place where we are doing this.

We are made after God’s likeness

As the Genesis says God created the man as male and female at the same time. This means it potentially is a divine androgyny, but it must get awaken and aware. The Genesis also reveals that man has been made after God’s likeness at the beginning. This shows every human being as a genuine microcosm which is but a mini-copy in itself for the whole Macrocosm. Therefore, every man is a minute copy of the whole Macrocosm. The esoteric eastern wisdom would call this: “Whatever exists inside our being (in the mysterious microcosm of our being) exists all over at the same time (in the whole Macrocosm that actually is God’s mysterious body). Whatever does not exist inside our being (in the microcosm of our being) exists nowhere else (in the whole macrocosm).”

This revelation actually points out that every human being is a part in the great Whole of God’s manifestation. In other words, every microcosm of a human being contains and mysteriously mirrors by analogy the Whole i.e. the entire Macrocosm. This revelation will disclose a basic spiritual truth, which is: the Wholeness mirrors in every part of it (the human being’s microcosm), which in its turn perfectly fits the great Wholeness (the Macrocosm, i.e. God’s entire manifestation).

Therefore we may say that every little part of the Wholeness is always contained in it and the Wholeness itself is contained in every little part that mirrors it. As a conclusion, we may say every little part is contained in the Wholeness, which exists inside every little part of it, where it is mirrored. This basic truth unveils that the whole Macrocosm actually is a huge hologram (we may say) and the human being’s microcosm is a mini-hologram as well, part of the huge hologram that basically contains it. This mysterious aspect has been promoted by the tantric tradition since thousands of years ago; among the revelations made by our Yoga School this is stated as the Occult Holographic Principle.

All is resonance

Given this revelation, we may say that every human being (as part of the huge Wholeness) is a minute hologram ceaselessly contained in the huge Wholeness hologram this is in the Macrocosm of God’s creation. This mysterious aspect is ceaselessly connected to the Occult Law of Resonance, which states that in the fundamental reality of God’s manifestation all is continuous resonance. The whole creation of God is based on lots of resonance phenomena.

There are countless specific levels of resonance that engender different processes of resonance if all required conditions are complied. The Occult Law of Resonance and the Occult Holographic Principle are perfectly complementary to the quantic physics. They together represent the basis to engender the XXIth century Superior Religion, where man will take great steps to the superior and direct and unbiased knowledge of God. This is how some spiritual Science is going to emerge to perfectly match religion and therefore both will be able to support each other. The new religion in the XXIth century will be a religion of the spiritual science by help of the Occult Law of Resonance and Holographic Principle and of the Quantic Physics. The spiritual science that is going to emerge will be testified and supported by science and this is going to trigger a great transition in self-knowledge and in revealing the Divine Essence existing inside each human being.

In the yoga practice, the focus enhances resonance

In the light of these revelations, we may understand that when we perform a specific asana, for instance, we actually connect our own hologram (by our body posture and psychic and mental attitude) to the huge hologram that we permanently exist in (even when we do not realise this because of the ignorance) and therefore we instantly get access to some subtle information, that will bring inside of us a specific attitude, quite clear and well defined. This will occur immediately, because of the occult processes of resonance that emerge in our microcosm which gets connected by steady focus.

Faith can work miracles

The strong faith in God actually is strong resonance, which can enforce lots of miracles. Jesus would say here: If you have faith as small as the mustard seed and you shall never doubt you will be able to move the mountains aside. If you ask in your prayers all the good things that may please God in deep trust that you shall get them, you will get it all.