We are deeply concerned about the unsubstantiated attacks of the police and media against our Federation. We refute any of these current absurd allegations which are brought with no evidence.

ATMAN – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation is a non-profit organization, providing courses on various branches of yoga and spirituality.

The Federation has several member schools worldwide, providing teaching materials and training for the teachers.

All of its member schools are organized independently according to their local legislation, holding full responsibility for their decisions and activities.

Atman Federation is not responsible and not accountable for the private life of students and teachers of the member schools.

This is another episode of an ongoing witch-hunt, and this fabricated campaign should raise a red flag for anyone who cares about spiritual and religious freedom.

Thousands of people who come to the courses of the member schools of the Atman Federation, some for decades, constantly attest the various excellent results they have attained in their health, well-being and success, not about trafficking, grooming, abuses, manipulations or brainwashing.

The way spiritual movements are attacked by both media and police has many parallels to other cases of human rights abuses, sadly reminding of totalitarian regimes. The repeated abuses against spiritual movements in the past were, besides being addressed in court, studied in depth by sociologists and experts who published books and articles revealing the fabricated cases hiding a political interest. Some of the member schools of Atman Federation have won court trials, including the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, proving the violation of human rights.

The Board of Atman Federation
29 November 2023