Jakub Jahl (Sobek), founder of Satan’s community

One of our Atman members, the Spiritual School Rezonance, is currently the target of a systematic campaign that contains unfounded, false and reputationally damaging accusations, initiated by an individual known by the names Jakub Jahl or Jakub Sobek. His aggressive expressions on social networks, the YouTube platform and the paid platform HeroHero aims to seriously affect the reputation of the said school and at the same time negatively affect the living conditions of its teachers and students.

In addition to filming and publishing false videos on the aforementioned platforms, Jakub Jahl accompanies his offensive campaign by harassing students and supporters of the Rezonance Spiritual School on social networks, to whom he sends unsolicited messages en masse, publishes for the public teaching texts of the school protected by copyright [1], repeatedly on the internet under fake accounts, he uploads his videos and posts, which have been removed for violating the policies of the platforms or for violating copyright [2], repeatedly tries to damage the reputation of people who cooperate with the school [3], and places his false comments in publicly accessible groups on social networks, thus trying to ensure, despite the violation of the rules of these groups – at the expense of the Rezonance Spiritual School – a greater audience for his YouTube channel and the paid HeroHero channel.

A few days after the start of his malicious campaign, Rezonance even recorded and documented an attack on their school’s website. A similarly targeted hacker attack, where an unknown perpetrator tried to gain unauthorized access to the school’s internal data, including the private data of those interested in the courses, has never happened before in the entire 10-year existence of Rezonance’s web presentation.

In response to the stated situation, the Spiritual School Rezonance was forced to announce its intention to take all necessary legal steps against Jakub Jahl in order to defend and protect its reputation.

In the context of the above, they consider it appropriate to also express their opinion on the activities and personality of Jakub Jahl (Sobek). From publicly available sources, it can be learned about him that he is the founder of Satan’s community [4] and a notorious propagator of the ideology of Satanism [5]. His interest in what he calls a “cannibal sect” [6] is disturbing and extremely morbid. Jahl has committed extremist acts in the past, such as damaging the monument “Thank you, America!” [7], for which he was even legally convicted [8], or burning a leaflet with symbols resembling the flag of the State of Israel in front of a synagogue [9].

Articles in Novinky and the Epoch Times mention that he has a forensic psychiatric report stating that “he (Jahl) has a tendency to distort the facts and is unreliable as a witness.” [10] In addition, he makes no secret of his heavy drug use [11]  and systematically promotes their legalization [12]. It is a mystery where this figure’s sudden interest in the Spiritual School Rezonance, with which she has never been in contact, came from.

The hatred spread by Jahl seeks to interfere in the lifes of many upright yoga practitioners.

Rezonance considers it necessary to make it clear that the information about Jakub Jahl’s participation in the activities that appeared in the Ministry of the Interior’s reports on extremism was drawn from the following sources:

  • Ministry´s of Internal Affairs Report on Extremism 2012, p. 56, first paragraph from top. Download here.
  • Art is DEFENSE (a facebook page managed by Jakub Jahl [13]  reporting almost exclusively on his activist activities) states the following in a post containing the aforementioned excerpt from the Ministry of the Interior’s report on extremism: “The MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR designated us as LEX – or LEFT EXTREMISTS….. Several of our FB pages, such as the Movement for the Liberation of Consciousness (regarding the NWO and the Illuminati) and the Za Plzeň without snails and parasites page – a page dedicated to Pilsen politicians, were flagged as such.” See here.
  • Zak.TV
  • Epoch Times

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Original release (in Czech): https://www.jogin.cz/pravni-kroky-proti-jakubu-jahlovi/