by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

An allegorical story

Once upon a time, there was a marvelous cow, with a great udder; there was no cow alike in the world. We may say that was a unique cow. It used to give enormous amount of good milk everyday. As it grew famous, lots of people would come over and admire it. Some would even be so much impressed with its qualities that they reached to praise hymns for it. Many parents would talk to their children about this marvelous cow as an exceptional model of devotion, for it fulfilled all tasks. Some priests would also set it as an outstanding example for the believers. The artists fell for it as a delightful model liable to inspire them in lots of artistic fields. In short, any human being was leant to take advantage of this extraordinary animal. Apart from this the cow displayed some mysterious special feature, which most of the people missed, caught in rapture with its incredible qualities. This wonderful cow, her pink shoes often muddied with dung, had some strange bad habit. The dairywoman would milk her tasteful, unique milk, then the cow watched back to see whether the bucket was full and then kick it down from one single, skillful shoot.

She was able to do this, because of its experience, so it perfectly did it every time.

Therefore the cow in our story was an expert in shedding that good milk by a skillful kick. This is how things would go every single day…

In case anyone may discover or feel any surprising similitude to this cow, he or she shall be sure that it’s by no accident. It makes a lot of sense, actually.