Today, knowledge of the Ayurvedic system has become more and more widespread. Unlike many other systems of alternative medicine, Ayurveda started to be known in very many countries of the world. What the Ayurvedic system offers to the modern man is a broad, encompassing perspective, very accessible and perfectly natural for maintaining health.

Ayurveda reflects the profound reality of human life through some fundamental truths that manifest in nature. Ayurveda is based on universal principles, which are valid regardless of the geographic area where they are applied. It promotes a natural way of life, which can develop according to these essential principles of healthy living. This is possible in any cultural system where the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda is applied.

In the present day, the Ayurvedic system has a great advantage compared to other traditional healing systems, as it represents a form of knowledge that was very well systemized, having a strongly scientific nature. Ayurveda is a holistic traditional system that treats the human being as a whole, and that has the advantage of being a complete system. The knowledge that Ayurveda includes is unique because of its clear, systematic and precise presentation.

Although it is 5000 years old, Ayurveda was structured in a very advanced manner, from the didactic and conceptual points of view. The basic principles of this systematic elaboration are contained in traditional writings of great theoretical and practical value. They represent an authentic source of inspiration for present-day scientific thinking.

On this basis, Ayurveda studies the structure of the human being, the mechanisms that maintain life, the interdependency relationships that exist between the body and the mind, the pathological determinism of different diseases, the relationship between health and illness, the natural ways through which man can maintain or gain the state of balance and health, the way in which the wise man can use natural means in order to have a healthy and happy life.

These are only a few of the basic guidelines of this millenary science of life (Ayurveda), which proves to be of present interest, being able to answer many modern questions in simple, natural and accessible ways.