As we relax under the rays of the summer sun, our consciousness is ready to fructify even more the previously received spiritual impulses. For that, we invite you with burning aspiration to participate to one of the most awaited Yogi Camps of the year, an expression of spiritual abundance.

The uplifting field of this grandiose manifestation has grown over the last 30 years, as a common effort of an ever-growing community of like-hearted people, supported by Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, who has dedicated his life to helping others in their own spiritual evolution. He is the author of the most extensive Esoteric Yoga Course in the world and the co-founder of MISA (the Movement of Spiritual Integration into the Absolute).

This camp, together with the Spiritual Esoteric Yogi Spring Camp, represents a true spiritual celebration of immense value for anyone ardently aspiring for transformation. They put the traditional path of yoga into a wider, esoteric perspective, while being perfectly compatible with our modern daily life.

For all those who participate full of enthusiasm, the Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp is, first of all, an extraordinary chance of accelerated spiritual evolution. A concentrated slice of true spirituality that you can use for months in a row. Such a camp is much more than just a holiday – it is a spiritual adventure that takes you beyond the daily routine. In this way, both events represent unique chances of enriching our treasure chest of knowledge and direct experiences, in order to dive deeper and make consistent steps in our journey of self-accomplishment throughout the rest of the year.

Moreover, when you participate to these events in person, you have also the chance to forge new friendships and deepen existing ones; but, the most important relationship you are improving and deepening is the one with yourself and with God.

The International Spiritual Esoteric Yogi Summer Camp that takes place for five weeks from 1 August into the first week of September, both in person at Costinesti, a Romanian beach resort, and ONLINE, offers you a rich program that you can access at whatever level of your inner growth you might be. From the wide range of information and activities available, each camp participant chooses what attracts them most or what they wish to deepen.

The Spiritual Integration of the International Summer Yogi Camp

This camp is integrated under the sphere of force of a Great Macrocosmic Power that is previously drawn by godly integrated lottery, thus feeling her subtle influence and support throughout the whole period. The Great Macrocosmic Powers are personifications of the Supreme Feminine Energy, the ten mirrors in which the Creator is reflected. We can see ourselves in any of them and each of them can lead us to the Universal Source of all Reality.

This year for example, in 2024, the Great Macrocosmic Power of Endless Courage, Chinnamasta will be the one under whose mysterious spiritual influence and in whose specific sphere of force almost all the spiritual activities of this camp will take place. In the Tantric pantheon, Chinnamasta is the Great Macrocosmic Power without head. This particularity suggests her capacity of transcending the mind, the ego and their functions, so that in the end she leads to the achievement of true spiritual awakening, a ‘second birth’. Chinnamasta is in a way the bright lightning of the instantaneous spiritual intuition that destroys and casts away for good the veil of ignorance, opening up the path towards the supreme spiritual freedom.


The Unison Effect – the Power of Unity

There are up to 6,000 yogis participating each year in the camp, animated by spiritual ideals and thirst for knowledge, truth, and all that is godly. “Many hands make light work” says folkloric wisdom for a good reason. The universal principle of unison affirms that, when more people gather in one direction, with the same intention, their combined “power” is far greater than the sum of their individual powers.

Being at the present moment the only yoga spiritual camps attended regularly by thousands of yogis, the unison effect is felt tremendously. Here you feel that you “grow in one day as others do in a year”. This is due to both the subtle, telepathic, spiritual field, and the unison of the thousands of people meditating at the same time. The efficiency in reaching exceptional spiritual states increases immensely.


Exemplifications of Various Spiritual States – a Benchmark for Further Personal Practice

These spiritual “gifts” represent certain models, or benchmarks, that each participant can deepen afterwards, according to their preferences and affinities. They are based on the support offered by Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru by manifesting a specific subtle, telepathical, spiritual field, modulated precisely to the specific vibration and frequency of the subject of that spiritual exemplification.

More precisely, in all these spiritual exemplifications he asks, humbly and lovingly, for godly help, and God the Father is the One who allows and gives to all those who have an open heart the experience of that state, for their benefit and spiritual evolution, thus him being a godly channel. Each of these spiritual exemplifications is an invaluable gift from God. All we need to do is to open up ourselves and aim to tune in as much as we can with the respective frequency of vibration of that exemplification.


Activities Open to the Public

Do you have friends or family who are not part of our esoteric spiritual school, but are very open towards these kinds of spiritual experiences? They can join too, if you vouch for their harmonious integration in the camp.

Moreover, besides the activities intended for the yoga practitioners from MISA Yoga School or other affiliate member schools of the ATMAN Federation, the camp program includes the following exceptional activities that are open to everyone and entirely free of charge:

– The Theophanic Charismatic Movement

This is a very special spiritual community initiated in 2009 by Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, having as motto: “With God, for God, in God, unto God”. It is meant to help the honest seekers who aspire to awaken their soul and to discover God both within their inner universe as well as in everything that surrounds them.

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement relies to a big extent on the revelations and teachings of Jesus Christ, but considered from a perspective that leads to the gradual discovery of the esoteric and overwhelming dimension of Christianity. The participants of this movement benefit periodically from extensive theoretical lectures on the existence and mysteries of God, based on the revelations and spiritual experiences of the founder of this movement.

> Scheduled TCM lectures this year

–  The Spiritual Healing Event

This is an exceptional spiritual action aiming to regenerate and heal the participants through the miraculous help that comes from God the Father. An essential condition for this is faith in God, accompanied by a strong aspiration to receive and benefit from His Godly Grace. Since 2015, at the initiative of the Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, this event takes place every year in September in Costinesti as part of the open activities of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement.

Thousands of people have already participated in these exceptional annual events and many of them have felt, either during the event itself or in the weeks that followed, miraculous, overwhelming effects, which have resulted in significant improvements or healing of certain diseases.

Note: There are certain conditions to be met and preparations to be done before participating to this special event in order to fully benefit of the spiritual field of it. In the website dedicated to this event you will find a lot of information that can help you understand why we actually get sick and how can we restore the state of balance and health, which is actually the natural state of any human being. You learn what are the principles and mechanisms that come into action when we perform the preparatory stages, and also when we participate full of faith and enthusiasm to this exceptional spiritual healing event that is generously made available to all.

– The Yang Spiral Meditation on the Occult Hiatus Moment

The event that brings together year after year the largest number of participants of the International Spiritual Esoteric Yogi Summer Camp in Costinesti is undoubtedly the meditation in yang spiral that takes place on the occult moment of solar hiatus, which is around 27 August. Thousands of participants, both yoga students in our classes and non-students, form the largest human spiral in the world, to meditate together on the occasion of this beneficial astrological moment.

Some of the Highlights of this Camp that will Help you Recharge your Spiritual Batteries

– Daily Exemplifications of Godly Attributes

The Godly Attributes are characteristics, traits or virtues of the Supreme Consciousness, or God. They are and remain in eternity distinct subtle sublime energies that have a certain frequency of vibration, which never modifies. The special exemplifications of various Godly Attribute are for several years part of the daily agenda in holiday yoga camps, both in person and online. They are sui-generis spiritual treasures that help us feel and better understand God’s mysterious nature. To methodically deepen the communion with Godly Attributes means to make use of an efficient, simple and available instrument in order to accelerate our spiritual evolution.

– Spiral Meditations

The first yang spiral meditation was done in May 1996, within the Spiritual Yogi Spring Camp organised at Baile Herculane, Romania. The theme was the induction of a state of spiritual liberation through Godly Miracle. Since then, this special, unique manifestation has been done in all the main spiritual yogi camps and has become one of the landmarks of this esoteric spiritual school.

For amplifying the effects of this spiral shaped formation, people are also arranged in the order of their zodiacal signs. Achieving a state of harmony between these two polar principles is the recipe for lasting happiness, perfect health, and accelerated spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, at the present time, the vast majority of people, men and women, have a predominance of yin energy in their structure at the expense of the yang energy. The masculine, solar, transforming aspect is in many people deficient, and therefore it is necessary for them to resort to natural, efficient methods to amplify the yang energy.

In thousands of testimonials, participants of such spirals describe a wide range of beneficial, often overwhelming effects. These range from the improvement of health, the feeling of charging with a huge beneficial energy, the “burning” of subtle impurities, deep inner peace or the beatific happiness without object, to high spiritual experiences such as a state of communion with the infinite consciousness of God.

There are several types of spiral actions that take place in the International Spiritual Esoteric Yogi Summer Camp:

– Yang Spiral with Induction of a State of Spiritual Liberation through Godly Miracle

This involves two consecutive meditations in spiral. In the first, all participants aim to feel the effect of the spiral shape as much as possible. Astrology teaches us that every human being is impregnated with a certain kind of astral energy at the time of their birth, depending on the position of the sun on the celestial vault. Each participant thus synergistically contributes to general harmony, and all of them together benefit from their combined qualities.

Thus, in this first part, we can perceive the awakening of the Cosmic Man through assimilating the qualities of each zodiacal sign and we can use this state as a “trampoline” for the second part. After this silent 30-minute meditation, there are several preparatory stages and then a second spiral meditation, in which the induction of the state of spiritual liberation through Godly Miracle is achieved using a suitable musical background.

ONLINE: During the lockdowns a version for online participants has been created, in which they can still accumulate in their beings a considerable influx of yang energy before connecting with the induction.

– The Annual Astrological Hiatus around 27 August

Not by accident, the Yogi Camp in Costinesti includes the annual astrological hiatus. In a year cycle there are two such hiatus moments. One corresponds to the spring equinox, while the other corresponds exactly to this precisely calculated moment during August.

Every person meditating deeply and full of aspiration in the Yang Spiral created with this occasion can benefit from great spiritual leaps. The yogis who are initiated in these mysteries related to the occult moments of hiatus seek to get the most out of them through this spiritual action in unison.

ONLINE: The online participants can have access to the musical support for this exceptional exemplification and join at home.

– Special Yang Spirals for Men, and Yin Spirals for Women

In the camp there are also organized special Yang spirals formed only with men, for amplifying the masculine specific qualities, and respective Yin spirals formed only with women, which amplify the lunar energy, the sensitivity, and many other feminine qualities.

– Communion with the Souls of the Nations that are Participating in the Camp

These are exemplifications made in spiral for awakening the souls of the nations of all the yogis attending the camp in order to enhance the state of unity between all the participants. It is worth mentioning that usually in the camp there are yogis from over 20 countries on all continents. They get translation in the main international languages, so that everybody can also benefit from the information offered here.

ONLINE: The online participants have access to the support music used for the communion with the soul of each nation.

> Scheduled spirals this year


Special Initiations Apart from Yoga Course Syllabus

During the in-person summer camps, the yoga students have the chance to receive some exceptional initiations, which include both a theoretical part, revealed in a series of lectures, as well as a practical part, meaning the implementation of secret mantras, or performing secret yogi techniques.

Here are the unique initiations that take place during the Yogi Camp in Costinesti:

– Initiation into the Beneficial State of Romantic Trance

A practical method to self-induce a purely beneficial state of romantic trance, which gives the practitioner access to certain paradisiacal parallel realms of the astral universe, and to a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

– The Occult “Lightning Rod” Effect of God’s Will

Mystics of all spiritual traditions speak of the surrender of the individual will to the Almighty Will of God as an essential condition for the attainment of spiritual perfection. This is a secret initiation that helps us resonate with the mysterious and overwhelming energy of God’s Will with lightning speed, and be able to let ourselves be guided by it.

Through this technique, we discover that God’s Will is a sublime subtle reality that inspires us, raises our dominant vibrational frequency, opens our being to the Supreme, awakens our spiritual intuition and at the same time enables us to feel the indescribable and enigmatic embrace of God the Father.

– The Profound Communion with Various Beneficial Spheres of Force in the Macrocosm

During the Spiritual Summer Yoga Camp in Costineşti, several of the special initiations that are offered have as a purpose the profound communion with various beneficial spheres of force in the Macrocosm. Each specific initiation allows a wider, deeper and more nuanced knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe, as well as a huge, specifically modulated energy that enriches us and accelerates our spiritual evolution.

Such beneficial spheres of force are that of:

– The Great God Indra, King of all Gods

One of these exceptional initiations is the spiritual communion with Indra, the ruler of the spiritual realm of heavenly beings. The Vedic tradition considers Indra as the greatest of warriors and the most powerful of all beings, the protector of gods and of the whole mankind against evil.

In order to take part in this initiation it is necessary to sign up in advance at the camp headquarters, in the day and time frame specified in the program. Then you will attend a series of presentations and lectures which will help you understand and assimilate certain theoretical knowledge, and in the end, you will receive a secret mantra of communion with Indra’s mysterious sphere of force.

The Laya Yoga meditation done in unison by all those who receive the initiation in the same year crowns and completes the initiation. Afterwards each aspirant will fructify the initiation received by subsequent personal meditations.

– Svarga Loka, the Realm of Gods

For a human being initiated into esoteric aspects and who aspires to a fast spiritual evolution, understanding the nature and manifestation of the realm of gods is a necessary stage in the path towards spiritual liberation (moksha). Svarga Loka is a high celestial realm governed by the great god Indra.

All those who have already received the initiation in the spiritual communion with Indra, the ruler of the spiritual realm of the godly beings, can continue this initiation with a second one, aiming to bring us in unison with the whole world (loka, in Sanskrit), or subtle realm that Indra governs. This initiation also includes a series of lectures, followed by receiving a secret mantra.

This realm is called in the Eastern tradition Svarga Loka and it is a very elevated region of the upper astral plane, known as the so-called “Land of the Gods.” The concept of Svarga Loka could be compared with the idea of Heaven or Paradise in the Christian terminology, that is that subtle area of the macrocosm in which the spirits enjoy the fruits of their good actions accomplished during incarnations in the physical plane.

– The Great God Krishna, one of the Avatars of Vishnu on Earth

Krishna helps the sincere worshipper to transcend duality, to attain unconditional love, wisdom, and liberation of the “karmic chains”, be they good or bad. This is an initiation that continues every summer and it has two different levels, a general initiation, which everybody can attend, and a special one, which can be attended only by those selected in advance through a consecrated drawing of lots.

In addition, this initiation that started in August 2012, is still ongoing, in other words, new lectures and presentations are being held, which deepen the revelations already presented, and bring as well new elements. The participants also continue to deepen on their own the communion with Krishna, through laya yoga meditations with the two mantras received already in the early stages of the two levels of initiation.

– Kalki, the 10th Avatar of Vishnu

During the periods of decline of the mankind, the Preserver of Creation (Vishnu) descends into the world as an avatar, Kalki, in order to re-establish harmony and give an impulse to the human beings to regain the path of genuine moral and spiritual values. The warrior who will bring back the justice and harmony.  His mythology is very similar to the concepts of the Messiah in Judaism, Frashokereti in Zoroastrism, and Buddha Maitreya in Buddhism.

This initiation implies, as all other initiations, the prior registration at the headquarters, but the initiation will be offered only after a draw of lots. Only those who extract the note with YES can participate in the initiation of that year, which consists of theoretical presentations, followed by the implementation of the mantra, and a first Laya Yoga meditation of communion with Kalki Avatar, done in unison in the camp.

– The Great God Vishnu

The Great God Vishnu is the second divinity of the Brahmanic and Hindu trinity. This trinity, known in Sanskrit as Trimurti, consists of three great gods − Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The essential role of the great god Vishnu on this planet is to ensure its preservation and to make the godly creation evolve as necessary.

The initiation into Vishnu was offered for the first time in 2018 in Costinești Camp. In our yoga school, the initiation into the communion with the great god Vishnu is offered following a selection process. The actual initiation consists of receiving some essential theoretical notions, as well as the implementation of a secret mantra of communion with the Great God Vishnu.

> Scheduled initiations this year

Special Exemplifications of Communion with the Sublime Energy of Godly Pure Eros

These exemplifications come as great support in understanding, perceiving and accumulating in our own being the sublime subtle energy of the Godly Attribute of Godly Pure Eros which is in opposition with the instinctual, inferior sexual energy. This sublime energy forms the base of a genius erotic revolution. The echoes of this revolution start to blossom on the planet as the level of consciousness of the humanity begins to elevate.

When we accumulate abundantly into our being, the subtle, sublime, elevated energy of Pure Eros, it sanctifies our being, the way we play the game of life, but especially the one of love, through the couple relationship we are in, especially through our intimate interactions. Unlike the subtle sexual energy, the pure erotic energy (and its specific arousal) is distinctly superior, enriching, profound, and tangential to the infinite, paradisiacal and godly.

The specific pleasure is refined, harmonizing and has calm, sweet, peaceful, delicate and rapidly purifying nuances. It is an ennobling, delightful pleasure that expands the being in a euphoric way into the limitless. The experiences are profoundly uplifting, refined, and multifaceted. Through pure erotic energies, we are offered the amazing possibility of an unlimited, surprising number of orgasms based on complete amorous erotic continence.

> Scheduled exemplifications this year


A Generous, Plentiful Garland of Spiritual Lectures

Genuine spiritual initiations that complete the information learnt in the yoga and tantra classes, these lectures represent a source of deep esoteric knowledge and even offer secret operative keys, with a great practical value. Besides the new lectures, addressing topics of interest, you can also have access to some of the lectures that were presented in previous years.

The audio lectures of Eminent Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru are eagerly awaited, being the result of an encyclopedic knowledge and a profound, authentic spiritual experience. They cover topics ranging from ancient esoteric teachings to modern life issues, from spiritual healing to the awakening of paranormal abilities, or from nature’s mysteries to the latest discoveries of quantum physics.

Other points of interest are the lectures held by different yoga and tantra teachers or even by special guests from outside our Esoteric Spiritual School, who share with the public their knowledge or the results of their practice.

We can say that each lecture includes, more or less obvious, a genuine spiritual initiation, that we can truly benefit from by listening in a lucid and continuous state of awareness, with great patience and proving inner depth.


Special Activities Dedicated to Women and Men, in order to Gain more Experience in Playing the Universal Game of Love and Polarity

The two special series of lectures, the one dedicated exclusively to men and the one dedicated exclusively to women, are also highly anticipated. They include specific subjects presented by different guest speakers, as well as testimonial of exceptional spiritual experiences, free debates on specific themes, or presentations of new techniques, as well as inspiring videos. The lectures are focused on helping amplifying the polarity, developing the typical female and respectively the typical male qualities, and contribute to the harmonization and spiritualization of couple relationships.

During both series there is an exemplification of the Glorious Androgynal State and at the end seven exceptional exemplifications with different model states necessary for a true Vira (a word that designates an exemplary man) and respectively for a true Shakti (a word that designates an exemplary woman).

As a unifying crowning of this polar enhancement, there is a mixed conference involving both men and women. The lectures for men and women are held both in Spring and Summer camps, online and in person, while the mixed conference takes place only once a year, in the Summer Yoga Camp.

Here topics of general interest are discussed, aiming at harmonizing and spiritualizing the couple relationships, and advice is offered to overcome the possible problems that may arise in a couple relationship. The exceptional exemplifications at the end of the mixed lectures are true model states, genuine initiations that are afterwards available to any participant, to the couples of yogis who aspire to evolve spiritually and attain perfection together.

> Schedule of this year


Guided Hatha Yoga Practice

Many of the participants in the camps already have the habit of doing a practical Hatha Yoga session early in the morning, most often on the beach, at sunrise. If the camp program allows it, in some days there will be a yoga session with asanas in unison under the guidance of a yoga instructor. These Hatha Yoga sessions can be attended by students of any year of the courses.

ONLINE: There are guided hatha yoga sessions also for the online participants.

Deepening Various Techniques Learnt in Yoga Classes

Besides the Hatha Yoga sessions, we can also find in the holiday camp program other yoga practices, which are done in unison, depending on the available locations. It is important to remember that we can participate only to those techniques we have already learned in the respective yoga classes we are attending.

These are a wonderful opportunity to deepen yogi techniques and methods together with tens or hundreds of yoga practitioners, in order to benefit both from the unison effect, and from the subtle supporting field of the camp.

Here are some of these yogic techniques that can be done in unison during the camp:

– Tratakam Technique with a Certain Yantra

A yantra is a two-dimensional drawing that synthesizes the characteristics of the subtle sphere of force whose symbolic representation is. Through meditation with open eyes, looking at the center of the yantra (tratakam), it is brought about a significant power of concentration, as well as in the ability to resonate with that subtle sphere of force, even if we are not yet initiated in it.

– The Yogic Technique of Evoking and Assimilating in our Being of a Subtle Coloured Stream

The subtle coloured streams are the visible manifestation of subtle beneficial energies in the Universe, which have different vibration frequencies and therefore produce specific, particularly beneficial and even therapeutic effects (physiologically, psychically, mentally and spiritually) in the practitioner’s being.

– Performing in Unison One of the Five Volitive Actions to Direct the Subtle Energy

The 5 actions of volitional energy directing are: utkshepana (lifting), apakshepana (descending), akunkana (concentrating or focusing), prasarana (expansion) and gamana (projection at a distance).

– The Secret Technique of Transference of Consciousness, Phowa

It is a complex yogic technique that allows the projection at will of the practitioner’s consciousness in order to achieve a state of communion and knowledge through direct experience.

– Calling Upon the Families of Godly Energies of the Kalachakra Tantra Tradition

This yogic technique belongs to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and aims to invoke the grace of God the Father for a rapid and harmonious transformation by alchemizing some inferior energies into their specific opposite.

– Exercises to Invoke and Resonate with the Guardian Angel, or with Different Angels or Angelic Hierarchies

There are specific techniques and method of entering into occult resonance and spiritual communion with certain sublime angelic beings, which can be of real help both on our path to perfection, and in everyday life.

– The Fundamental Yoga Technique Maha Mudra

Those who have received the initiation in this fundamental yoga technique can participate in Maha Mudra sessions which are longer than those performed in classes during the year, precisely to experience its intense and deeper complex effects.

– Spiritual Procedures of Translation in Time in the Mysterious Sphere of Consciousness

The guided stages and the visual support for these exemplifications are carefully selected to help us connect with specific energetic configurations of various moments from the past, enabling us to experience them as if they are happening in the present moment, at the level of our consciousness.

– Method in 7 Stages for Dynamizing the Essential Fundamental Force Centre Sahasrara

This is a special method based on a process of attuning with the universal source that supports the manifestation of the fundamental force centre Sahasrara, which is called, Maha Sahasrara.

– Method in 14 Stages of Revealing the Supreme Immortal Self, Atman

As we already know, each human being is in essence a godly spark, which represents our true Self. This true Self, which is covered by the five subtle sheats (koshas in Sanskrit), is what unites us all, beyond all appearances. This is a unique, guided method that sustains us in gradually discovering, beyond all these layers, our Immortal Self Atman and recognizing its unity with the Supreme, Self, Paramatman.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Come to this Camp

If you have already discovered this camp, we don’t need to convince you. If you have not been here yet, you may wonder what’s in it for you.

  • You can practice intensely various yoga techniques, to your heart’s desire, in unison with thousands of other yogis.
  • You have access to unique initiations, offering the keys for accessing certain subtle dimensions or worlds.
  • You can experience the awakening of your subtle senses and the expansion of your consciousness in dimensions with high spiritual frequencies and modulations.
  • You deepen the teachings you received throughout the year in the yoga and tantra classes.
  • You expand your field of knowledge and experience and recharge yourself with energy.
  • You meet old friends, and get new friends as well.

Let’s unite in the heart during this unique online event which will offer us more valuable insights and exemplifications in order to complete our set of transformative tools.

For more information about the live, in person camp taking place in person, at Costinesti, Romania please check the website:

Main Activities in the Summer Camp Program 2024

Spiral Communions:
– Solar yang spirals followed by the induction of the state of liberation through Godly miracle: August 9, August 11, August 17, August 19, August 23, August 25, August 30
– Yin spiral, yang spiral, yin-yang spiral: August 18
– Spiral with the soul of the Romanian nation: August 4
– Spiral with the soul of the nations of the peoples participating in the camp: August 21
– Spirals with the glorious androgynous state: August 14, August 22
– Hiatus spiral: August 27

Special conferences for women and men:
Conference for men: August 14
Conference for women: August 22
Mixed conference: August 29

Exemplifications with the sublime subtle energy of the Godly Attribute of Godly Pure Eros:
August 10, August 13, August 24, August 28, September 2

Spiritual procedure of time translation:
August 8, August 16, August 20, August 31, September 3.

Initiations from Costinești within the Summer Camp

Krishna Initiation with General Participation (K1)
August 2 – Registration
August 3 – 8 – Hearing of the first seven lectures
August 3 – Implementation of the mantra

Initiation into the mantra of communion with the great god Indra
August 8 and 9 (only at the headquarter’s morning program) – Registration
August 9 and 10 – Hearing of the lectures
August 11 – Implementation of the mantra

Initiation into the mantra of communion with the Realm of the Gods Svarga Loka
August 11 – Registration
August 12 – 17 – Hearing of the lectures
August 18 – Implementation of the mantra

Initiation into Polyamory
August 9 and August 11 – Selection by drawing a lot, admission only if YES is picked
August 12 – 16: Hearing of the lectures (they will be held at a different time slot so as not to overlap with the initiation hearings in Svarga Loka)

Hearings at the Theophanic Charismatic Movement (MCT)
1. First 12 lectures (with simple ID)
August 16 and 17: Answers to the MCT selection and issuance of MCT IDs
August 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30: Hearing of the lectures

2. Hearing of MCT lectures that were heard for the first time in 2018 and 2019 (from MCT 35 to MCT 49, which correspond to the stamps in boxes No. 22 to No. 36 on the extended MCT ID) – August 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 31

Initiation into the secret mantra for spiritual communion with Vishnu’s secret sphere of subtle force
August 22 – Selection by drawing a lot, admission only if YES is picked
August 23 and 25 – Hearing of the lectures
August 26 – Implementation of the mantra

Initiation into the mantra of communion with the Great Avatar Kalki
September 2 – Selection by drawing a lot, admission only if YES is picked
September 3 – Hearing of the lectures
September 3 – Implementation of the mantra

Inductions into the beneficial romantic trance state
August 10, 15 and 24

Attention! Modifications may occur in the announced program.