Ayurveda represents a complex system of natural healing that originated in India. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda means ”The science of life”. ”Ayus” means ”life” and it refers to the fundamental energy of life. ”Veda” means knowledge or, in other words, science. Ayurveda therefore represents an invaluable treasure of theoretical and practical knowledge that helps us find the best ways to improve the life of the human being. The traditional Ayurvedic system appeared and was practiced on a regular basis in India, 5000 years ago.

Written sources from those times state that Ayurveda represents the most ancient traditional science for healing and maintaining health. Well-known, and spread way beyond the geographical region of India , Ayurveda offered, throughout the course of time, the theoretical and practical basis to build other traditional healing systems, known today as various branches of alternative medicine.

In the present day, Ayurveda represents the broadest and at the same time the easiest to understand system of natural healing. For this reason, there has been strong interest in the knowledge of Ayurveda in most western countries recently, together with a more intense concern for the practical application of the revolutionary therapeutic methods that are included in this ancient science. Therefore, in the present, some contemporary works affirm that Ayurveda can soon become the natural medical science of this planet, due to its simplicity and accessibility.

In the ancient Ayurvedic science, the state of health of a human being represents a state of balance and harmony that is established both between the different vital subtle forces that animate the human being, as well as between the Microcosm of the human being and the outer environment (Macrocosmic) in which she lives. In the vision of the millenary wisdom of the Ayurvedic system, individual balance and the harmony of the human being with the Universe presents both a vertical, ascending and evolutionary dimension, as well as a horizontal dimension, of relational interaction. The state of health represents a dynamic condition of the human being. It is an expression of balance and harmony experienced at all levels of the being. For the human being who aspires to reach the state of ecstatic communion with God with all her heart, which implies that complete inner freedom, balance and harmony represent the conditions of its manifestation. Therefore, it is easy to understand why it is necessary for the human being that honestly aims to live fully the state of spiritual freedom to gain and maintain very good health. A good state of physical, psychic and mental health conditions the human being and offers her a clear vision on God’s Reality. Understood in this way, as an expression of inner balance and harmony with the outside, health represents the basic condition for reaching spiritual perfection and ultimate fusion with God the Father.

In this direction, one of the famous Ayurveda writings, ”Sushruta-Samhita” says: ”The science of life (Ayurveda) is eternal and gives merits, prestige, happiness, longevity, means of living, and offers the human being access to the divine Sky (God)”.